Graham Spanier Convicted Of Endangering Children

Graham Spanier Convicted Of Endangering Children — Former Penn State President Graham Spanier was convicted, Friday, (March 24) of endangering children relating to the Jerry Sandusky coverup. It’s a misdemeanor offense albeit it carries a possible five-year prison sentence. Spanier is unlikely to get the max.

He was acquitted of felony conspiracy and a second endangerment charge. Among those who testified against him were then PSU athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz. Both had already pleaded guilty to an endangerment charge.

A lot of white wine sippers are still expressing sympathy for the SOB.

“I’m incredulous at the verdict,” said PSU trustee Al Lord said. “Not one victim attached Graham to this, and they still managed to come out with a guilty verdict.”

“If people of Graham’s caliber will continue to aspire to lead the great universities of this country, then we have to make sure in this age of accountability that there are protections from being wrongly accused,” said PSU trustee Bill Oldsey.

Spanier, Curley and Schultz were told that Sandusky — a professor emeritus whom Joe Paterno removed as assistant football coach in 1999 —  molested a child in a Penn State shower in 2001. The trio covered up the matter allowing Sandusky to keep an office at the school and continue his predation for another decade.

What many don’t know is that Spanier also ignored a report, also received in 2001, that PSU professor John T. Neisworth, a nationally known expert on autism, was also a child molester.

Graham Spanier Convicted Of Endangering Children
Jerry Sandusky still collects a public pension.

Something was seriously wrong in Happy Valley. District Attorney Ray Gricar, who declined to prosecute a child molestation case against Sandusky in 1998, disappeared without a trace in 2005.

And will Spanier keep his $59,000 public pension? Will Schultz keep his $330K public pension?

Well, Sandusky still gets his.

Graham Spanier Convicted Of Endangering Children




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