Casey, Coons Iran Vote Scorned

The tri-state Independence Hall Foundation  voiced utter disdain, Sept. 1, for the announced decisions of Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Chris Coons (D-DE) to back the Iran deal.  Casey, Coons Iran Vote Scorned

“This is a major miscalculation on the part of both politicians,” said Foundation spokesperson Teri Adams.

“Most importantly, passage of this treaty will lead to a more unstable world–starting with an increase in Middle East violence and ending with Iran as an irrational and unpredictable
nuclear power.

“Secondly, one or both of these men can and will be defeated if they stand for re-election in 2018.  That is not a threat, it’s an observation.

“With upwards of two-thirds of Americans opposing all or parts of this deal in recent surveys, Senators Casey and Coons are alienating big voting blocks in their respective states,” said Ms. Adams.

The following is a copy of a letter the Foundation sent to Senators Casey, Coons, and Corey Booker (D-NJ):

August 28, 2015

Dear Senator (Casey, Coon, Booker),

The Independence Hall Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit civic organization with over 10,000 adherents in the tri-state region (DE, NJ, PA), is writing to inform you of our overwhelming opposition to the Iran Deal negotiated by the Obama Administration.

While our objections are long, for the sake of brevity, we are going to list our five main reasons for opposing this agreement:

1.  The Iranian government currently holds four American hostages: Washington Post
journalist Jason Rezaian; former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati; pastor Saeed Abedini; and former FBI agent Robert Levinson.

Their release should have been a prerequisite for any negotiations.

2.  The Iranian government sanctions anti-American protests in which its supporters chant “Death to America” — clearly demonstrating that the current regime is our enemy.  Iran, until this year, has been listed as a top exporter of worldwide terrorism.  What has changed?

3.  Lifting sanctions will give the Iranian dictatorship access to upward of $150 billion — enabling them to increase their funding of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah which operate throughout the Middle East.  The agreement also allows unfettered activity at its Arak nuclear facility.

4.  The agreement is much too lax regarding the inspection of known nuclear facilities and does not adequately address the problem of hidden sites.

5.  Most importantly, we believe this deal could actually hasten Iran’s development of a nuclear bomb by allowing it to continue to enrich uranium in addition to developing and testing centrifuges.  Such an outcome puts all of our allies in the Middle East, especially Israel, in imminent danger.
In the short run, the violent activity of Hamas and Hezbollah will surely escalate.  In the long run, one can imagine disaster, not only for Israel and our other Middle Eastern allies, but for the United States as well.  Will it be a nuclear disaster?  God forbid it.

Is this the legacy the Obama Administration seeks?

On behalf of the Foundation Board,
Teri Adams, 267.531.8169

Casey, Coons Iran Vote

4 thoughts on “Casey, Coons Iran Vote Scorned”

  1. Adolph Hitler must be laughing his bojangles off. He tried hard to eliminate the Jews and now he has American allies.

  2. Isn’t it also correct that the agreement can be interpreted in such a way that we are obliging ourselves to provide military aid to Iran if she is attacked?

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