Castro For President?

Castro For President?

By Bob Small

Texan John Anthony Castro is running for President while suing the most recent ex-President.  He is a Republican with a history as a union organizer, who launched a successful living wage campaign.

At the onset of the Iraqui invasion, he resigned from West Point in protest of the “illegal” invasion believing Iraq was not involved in 911.

His anti-corruption efforts helped to bring arrests in Laredo. 

The graduate from Georgetown Law School has a wife and two children.

In his Plan for America he believes we must teach “the best of the best in every field from both a conservative worldview and a liberal worldview”. He would include civics and social studies taught by Noam Chomsky (my ital).

In another part, he asks “Why are we not feeding America’s students?”    His solution includes expanding “the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to cover our nation’s college students”

There’s also a Topic Heading entitled  “Universal Pre-K for Working Parents”

Reading all this, one has to remember he is a Republican.

Castro began his lawsuit against Donald Trump on Friday, Jan. 6th “asking a judge to declare Trump constitutionally ineligible to hold Office” under the 14th Amendment., which states that “No person”  ..”shall be a President” who “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion “ 

Castro gives his rationale in this Newsweek article 

“Now we have this contest of who can be the most extreme, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. And it’s icing out the moderates, which actually make up the vast majority of the Republican Party. And then they wonder why they keep losing.” 

To see the docket report: Castro v. Trump 9:2023cv80015 – Justia Dockets & Filings 

Not everyone thinks Castro should be suing Trump

Castro holds enough interesting opinions that one hopes he somehow is included in some of the 2024 discussions.

Castro For President?

2 thoughts on “Castro For President?”

  1. OK, so Castro is a Republican, but he’s not a conservative. He’s more of a Statist. And from his public behavior, he tends towards the crank end of the spectrum.
    Well, it’s pre-primary season, so, they all come out now.

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