Qanon Movement Fascinates Us

Qanon movement fascinates us — More mass shootings and more calls to put ink on paper banning guns — at least for those who respect the ink on the paper.

We will say it again and again and again. The problem isn’t access to firearms for the sane and law-abiding.

The problem is a culture that glorifies insanity — note Dayton killer Conner Betts appears to have been a patron of that site — and that encourages laws to be ignored.

The solution is not to put ink on paper banning guns but to change our culture. We have to inculcate a respect for life. Mass shootings strangely didn’t start until abortion was declared a right. We have to end the nihilism that is practically our state religion. If we are merely the results of random events fixed by a need to survive until procreation, who is to judge mass murder? Yes, we have to teach in our schools, and recognize in our art and entertainment that we are the creation of a loving God and that each of us has inherent worth.

We have to stop telling young men that masculinity is a bad thing. We have to tell them that they are important and necessary to a happy society.

And our media has to stop lying to us and covering up for the corrupt. You all saw this story right? Ha.

Until President Trump made it a campaign issue most had never heard of Juanita Broaddrick. Remember how the old media handled the matter when it would have really mattered?

The Qanon movement fascinates us. We can’t sign on to it — at least not completely — but its record of political prediction is a magnitude better than that of the old media.

And we will note that on July 31, Q cryptically posted this on

Our thoughts and prayers are that the massively corrupt, incestuous cabal of Hollywood, the media and Washington come crashing down and that we embrace a culture of unity and kindness rather than the one of selfishness, division and hate that they try to encourage.

Qanon movement fascinates us

Donald Trump FBI Informant?

Donald Trump FBI Informant? We all love a good conspiracy theory and this one from is among the best. In the early 1980s, the Five Families of Mafia legend ran New York. They controlled the unions, judges and politicians. They put their own brand of tax on legitimate business and all real estate projects could only proceed if their palms were appropriately greased.

Donald Trump
Donnie “Brasco” Trump?

They — along with the Philly mob — also had their tentacles wrapped tightly around New Jersey, especially when gambling was made legal in Atlantic City. Bruce Springsteen even wrote a song about it.

Breaking this hold was a major goal of the Reagan Administration.

In 1983, Rudy Giuliani took a “demotion” from associate attorney general to become U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He led a crusade against the Five Families and gutted them. Three bosses got 100 year prison sentences and another was whacked with his underboss.

Rudy stepped down in 1989 and John Gotti stepped up to run the Gambino family. The Teflon Don may have been the last New York big-time mafioso. Who took him down in 1991? Robert Mueller. Who was among those working with Mueller? Rod Rosenstein. Who was the U.S. Attorney General overseeing it all? William Barr.

Of course, this long association of prosecutors is not what makes this conspiracy theory so good.

What makes the conspiracy theory good is that Donald Trump appears to have been working them. While Willard Rouse generally gets credit for taking down the vile Little Nicky Scarfo — this site ranks him #2 on most brutal mobsters — FBI files released last October point to a source in Atlantic City, suspected to be our now president, as being just as instrumental.

The involvement of this fellowship from the East Coast mafia takedown does add a new perspective on the just concluded Mueller investigation. Was it really a honeytrap? If so, who were the cockroaches it was designed to catch?

Donald Trump FBI Informant?

Joe Rogan Interviews Alex Jones

Joe Rogan Interviews Alex Jones — If you have four hours to kill, check out last Wednesday’s (Feb. 27) Joe Rogan Experience with guest Alex Jones. It has everything — human hybrids, government conspiracies with inter-dimensional beings, cell tower mind-control — and that’s only in the first 30 minutes.

It’s entertaining to say the least.

Joe Rogan Interviews Alex Jones

Justin Trudeau NXIVM Connection Alleged

Justin Trudeau NXIVM Connection Alleged — Justin Trudeau, the hip, cool anti-Trump Canadian prime minister who bears a strange physical resemblance to Fidel Castro, is in real trouble.

Former Canadian Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould testified before her country’s House of Commons that Trudeau pressured her to reach a settlement with SNC-Lavalin, a large Canadian engineering company charged with serious crimes namely giving bribes to the Libyan government when it was under the control of Muammar Gaddafi.

Ms. Wilson-Raybould was forced from her post in January. The scandal exploded, Feb. 7, with a story in The Globe and Mail.

But some are speculating that there is far more to this than simple political hackery and corporate cronyism.

Tech guru and former Democrat activist Jeffrey Peterson is claiming that there are connections to NXIVM, the twisted sex cult largely financed by Sara Bronfman, heiress to the Seagram liquor fortune.

Peterson’s basis is Stephen Bronfman — Sara’s cousin — being Trudeau’s friend and a major fundraiser for him. Also Stephen’s finances are managed by a company in which Emma Griffin is an executive. She is the wife of Neil Bruce, who is president of SNC-Lavalin.

SNC-Lavalin, besides allegedly giving $160 million in kickbacks to Al-Saadi Gaddafi, the late Muammar’s son, treated the lad to a sex trip across Canada.

A flaw in Peterson’s case, however, is that Sara Bronfman is married to Basit Igtet.

Igtet, a Muslim businessman from Libya, helped orchestrate the overthrow of Gaddafi in 2011.

It seems the cousins had cross purposes regarding Libya.

Justin Trudeau NXIVM Connection Alleged --

On the other hand, it does raise the question as to whether Sara Bronfman ever sent Hillary Clinton a thank you note.

Or maybe the money just said it all.

Justin Trudeau NXIVM Connection Alleged

Roger Stone Robert Mueller Questions

Roger Stone Robert Mueller Questions — Trump confidant Roger Stone was arrested in a pre-dawn raid today (Jan. 25) happily video-tapped by a tipped-off CNN.

Gabe Hoffman of An Open Secret notes involved were about 12 heavily armed FBI agents in black tactical gear. He points out that Stone is a 66 year old man without a history of violence who was being sought for white collar process crimes.

Gabe asks why didn’t they just tell his lawyer to turn himself in?

It’s a good question. There are a lot of good questions. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who ordered the raid on Stone, is supposedly Trump’s enemy. Mueller’s best friend is supposedly Bill Barr. Trump picked Barr to be attorney general to replace Jeff Sessions. What’s up with that?

And why did Sessions unnecessarily recuse himself from overseeing the special counsel’s investigation in the first place giving the job to Rod Rosenstein?

And why didn’t Rosenstein recuse himself? He had signed FISA warrants that were part of the investigation as well as giving a written recommendation to President Trump to fire James Comey as FBI director, which Mueller is investigating as a crime.

Don’t ask us to explain it.

Roger Stone Robert Mueller Questions

Treason Trials Starting???

Treason Trials Starting??? — Yesterday (Nov. 28) President Trump retweeted a meme showing Hillary, Bill, Obama and others behind bars with the words Now that Russia Collusion is a proven lie, when do the trials for treason begin?

The meme (below) had been found by DJT on the account of The Trump Train.Treason Trials Starting???

What we found fascinating was the near silence yesterday. The President of the United States is implying two of the last three administrations were treasonous and the establishment media ignored it albeit that seems to be changing.

Vlogger Brenden Dilley points out that it is not just Trump’s fans in the U.S. that follow his tweets. Every world leader does. What were they thinking when they saw it? Brenden’s discussion starts at the 24:30 mark.

President Trump has been remarkably successful in keeping the political promises he has made. One of them was locking her up. It warms our hearts that he might do it.

And lock him up too. It’s only fair.

Treason Trials Starting???




Daniel Best Death Ruled Suicide

Daniel Best Death Ruled SuicideDaniel Best Death Ruled Suicide — Pharmaceutical executive Daniel Best was picked by President Trump in March to lead the charge on lowering drug costs for consumers and was making waves by May.

He was found dead outside his Washington apartment on Nov. 1. The cause was “multiple blunt force injuries”.

He was 49; and had been married for 25 years to the Lisa nee Campbell. He had three sons: Jake, Nick and Matt.

The Washington D.C. medical examiner has ruled his death a suicide.

Daniel Best Death Ruled Suicide


Beranton Whisenant, Jr. Or BLM But Not In Broward

Beranton Whisenant
Beranton Whisenant

Beranton Whisenant, Jr must never be forgotten. He was a federal prosecutor assigned to the major crimes unit in Miami. His most recent cases involved counterfeit visas and other immigration fraud. His body was found May 25, 2017 on a beach in  in Hollywood which is corrupt Broward County. He appeared to have a gunshot wound to the head. He was well dressed and nothing was taken.

Police speculated suicide.

No gun was found.

The Broward County medical examiner’s office has declined numerous public records requests on Whisenant’s death.

For those to whom these things matter — like the hypocritical Black Lives Matter movement — Whisenant had dark skin.

While you are not forgetting Beranton J. Whisenant, don’t forget John Ashe who also had dark skin.

Or Seth Rich, who did not have dark skin.  Donna Brazile does though.

Beranton Whisenant, Jr. Or BLM But Not In Broward


Khashoggi Alwaleed Bin Talal And Saudi Influence

Khashoggi Alwaleed Bin Talal And Saudi Influence
Alwaleed Bin Talal and Jamal Kashoggi

Khashoggi Alwaleed Bin Talal And Saudi Influence — A Facebook friend sent us this link concerning the late Jamal Kashoggi and his connection to Saudi plutocrat Alwaleed Bin Talal.

Alwaleed was among the world’s richest and most influential people until his arrest Nov. 4, 2017 by the Saudi government. He owned significant shares in banks like Citicorp; American tech companies including 5 percent of Twitter; media including Newscorp (Fox News), where he was the second largest shareholder; and real estate such as the Four Seasons Company.

The link says that Alwaleed got Barack Obama into Harvard. This claim can be traced to a March 2008 interview  with African-American entrepreneur and politico, Percy Sutton,on New York City’s local TV show “Inside City Hall.” It has never been significantly disputed.

Khashoggi, whose uncle was infamous arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and whose cousin was Dodi al-Fayed who died in that car crash with Princess Diana, was quite close to Alwaleed. He and Alwaleed spent five years planning the Al-Arab News Channel in Bahrain which was eventually shut down either to bad management or bad politics.

Khashoggi was also a strident defender of the Islamic-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood so beloved by Obama, and was a friend of Osama bin Laden.

We can’t accept assassination as anything acceptable but we find it difficult shedding tears for this guy. Something really stank in this country for eight years and he seems to have been part of it.

FWIW, Four Seasons manages the 35th through 39th floors at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas where Stephen Paddock on Oct. 1, 2017 shot  471 persons, killing 58, at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival which was taking place 490 yards away. Police said Paddock used bump-stock equipped rifles to fire “over 1,100 rounds” of .223 (or maybe 5.56) caliber ammunition during the 11 minute rampage, including many in the hotel and at police vehicles, and six rounds using a .308 caliber rifle at jet fuel tanks at McCarren International Airport which was about 600 yards away.

Paddock did his shooting from the 32nd floor. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released its final report  on Aug. 3  and names Paddock as the lone shooter.  It can be found here. 

We remain amazed that bump-stocks can be so effective. Perhaps the military should adopt them.

Khashoggi Alwaleed Bin Talal And Saudi Influence

Khashoggi Alwaleed Bin Talal And Saudi Influence


Vanessa Marquez, The Dog That Is Not Barking

Vanessa Marquez The Dog That Is Not Barking — When a dog barks it usually means you are being warned about something. With a dog that constantly barks, however, it’s when it goes quiet that you become curious.

Vanessa Marquez, an Hispanic actress of some note, died Thursday (Aug. 30) shortly after being shot by police in her South Pasadena, Calif., apartment.  Police had responded when the building manager reported that she was having seizures. They found her uncooperative and talked with her for about an hour and a half in an attempt to convince her to get treatment. She eventually, according to reports,  pointed at them a bb gun that resembled a handgun so they shot her.

We are not bashing the police here — nor are we particularly praising them but that’s a different issue — we are expressing puzzlement at the quiet.

A minority woman was shot, unnecessarily in hindsight, by police and there is silence.

Where are the shrieking protests by Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Where is the pompous tut-tutting commentary by the establishment media? Why isn’t NBC making up stuff to sow discord and division?

It sure has us curious. Granted Ms. Marquez reportedly had a terminal disease and emotional problems but things like that never stopped the usual suspects before.

Anyway, here is Ms. Marquez’s last Facebook post from Aug. 8:

Vanessa Marquez, The Dog That Is Not Barking

Vanessa Marquez, The Dog That Is Not Barking