Texas Sheriff Describes Terrifying Future In Chesco If Border Doesn’t Get Controlled; Gives Endorsement To Roy Kofroth

Texas Sheriff Describes Terrifying Future In Chesco If Border Doesn’t Get Controlled; Gives Endorsement To Roy Kofroth — A J Louderback flew in from Texas to campaign for Republican Roy Kofroth to become Chester County ‘s next sheriff.

He gave a terrifying talk about what is happening on the Mexican border and what looms for Pennsylvania.

It was held last night, Oct. 1, at the Maplecroft Building in Phoenixville.

Louderback served five terms as Jackson County sheriff which is about half-way between Houston and Mexico. He stepped down to run for Congress in 2022 and now serves as a border liaison officer for the State of Texas.

He was invited by former Chesco Sheriff Bunny Welsh who met him while serving at a round-table for local law enforcement leaders during the Trump Administration.

Sheriff Welsh preceded incumbent sheriff, Fredda Maddox, who is stepping down to run for Common Pleas Court judge.

The Democrats have nominated Kevin Dykes, her number two, to replace her.

The election is Nov. 7.

Kofroth ran a glazier business for 40 years along with World Martial Arts Academy starting in 1999. Kofroth was a long-time student of martial arts and had attained a rank of 6th Dan in Tang Soo Do. Upon his retirement as a glazier, he took a security post with the Sheriff’s Office. He was asked to become a deputy and graduated from the Police Academy at age 59, which was twice the age of the next-oldest student.

He left the department in July saying he could not stand what it had become. Morale has fallen through the floor, it’s down 40 deputies and the judges in the courthouse are resorting to private security.

“The office doesn’t need to change,” Kofroth said. “It needs to go back to what it once was.”

He said it was not about money but about the morale.

Texas Sheriff Describes Terrifying Future In Chesco If Border Doesn't Get Controlled; Gives Endorsement To Roy Kofroth
A J Louderback and Roy Kofroth

“The office was solid and we loved coming back to work,” he said.

Sheriff Welsh introduced Louderback.

She said that six-years ago she declared that every county is a border county and every state is a border state.

The reality of those words is apparent to all but the most blind.

Or those who get their information from The Philadelphia Inquirer or pick your evening news.

Louderback said local elections are far more important than many realize and strongly encouraged a vote for Kofroth.

“You need to support this man,” he said. “I’m in the people judgement business. You got a good man.”

He then went on to describe what was happening on the border.

“I’m going to try to give you the magnitude as what we are facing, ” Louderback said.

He said Jackson County is on what is called a corridor which is a path to a major city — in this case Houston — for trafficked humans. Houston is America’s largest hub for human trafficking.

There are 5,000 cartel operatives in the city, and 16-year-olds can make $1,000 a head in bringing people in.

The typical load is 13 persons.

Louderback said the cartels have far bigger budgets than the local governments of Texas. He noted the rather large room in which the event was being held and said a cartel would have no problem filling it to the ceiling with $100 bills.

He said cartel kingpins live in the United States and their children attend American schools.

Louderback said the cartels fear no Mexican law enforcement or Texas law enforcement or federal law enforcement. What they only fear, he said, are other cartels.

He said they have factory-made armored vehicles with turrets and .50-caliber machine guns.

Louderback said there are running gun battles just across the border every night, and cartel soldiers have been found 80 miles deep into Texas.

“What Biden has done will harm us for decades,” he said.

He said the running gun battles will be coming here.

He said the Darien Gap in southern Panama is the staging area for illegal immigrants from around the world.

Louderback said the camps there produce 6,000 tons of trash a day along with a dozen bodies.

He said the immigrants are often Venezuelan, Chinese and Russian. Their identities are untraceable as those nations don’t share data with us.

Many of these immigrants end up working for corporations responsible for our vital infrastructure.

“My concern is national security,” he said.

Louderback says the border states ceded border rights to the federal government in the 1920s. He said, though, that Texas is fighting federal inaction by building its own border wall — it has built about 40 miles using the same contractor as the one President Trump was using in the construction of his wall — and and laying concertina wire in areas away from ports of entry, where it has control.

Also by using the Texas National Guard.

“Without the Texas National Guard, we’d be in trouble,” he said.

He said, however, that the Biden Administration works to undermine these efforts, and this undermining is premeditated.

“All this is not by mistake,” he said. “It’s designed to get people into this country.”

Louderback said one of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s greatest fears is the Biden Administration arresting a Texas peace officer for “deprivation of rights” regarding an illegal.

He said the Border Patrol estimates that 8 million have entered illegally in the last three years. He says the estimate was honestly made but it’s still just a guess.

Louderback says Eagles Pass, TX has a population of 3,000 but most provide refuge for 17,000 illegals.

“Yet New York complains . . . ” he said. “What we have in Texas is coming here.”

He strongly urged the adoption of E-verify, and that those who understand the magnitude of the danger discuss it with those who still get their information from the 6 o’clock news.

Shout out to Kat and Lisa of AdorableDeplorables.us who staffed a booth with some neat merchandise at the event.

Texas Sheriff Describes Terrifying Future In Chesco If Border Doesn’t Get Controlled; Gives Endorsement To Roy Kofroth

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  1. All our countries need to start cleaning up the messes the One World Globalists are making we need to start by having actual elections with all the Candidates being fully investigated and found clean, no extra names being used, no criminal records being hidden, no one who is a liar, and who and what are they connected to needs to be checked before they can run for any office. The UN started this mess in many countries by infiltrating towns and city politics way back in the 60’s, then counties then States, the schools are in the same mess and then the whole federal infiltration is about 80 percent they claim. these elections can only be called coups and big money people are behind it all, buying their full control.

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