Shapiro Won’t Debate Mastriano Or Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

Shapiro Won’t Debate Mastriano Or Things That Make You Go Hmmmm –Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro is refusing to debate Doug Mastriano, his Republican opponent.

Why would the “brilliant” lawyer who before becoming Pennsylvania’s attorney general was counsel at Philadelphia mega-lobbyist law firm Stradley Ronon be afraid to face off behind the podiums with a guy he sneers at as being a redneck?

Maybe Josh is just a small package of hot air who would burst at the smallest pin prick.

Regardless, those afraid to debate do not deserve a vote.

For what it’s worth, Democrat John Fetterman ducked debates in Pennsylvania’s Senate race with Republican Dr. Mehmet before agreeing to one on Oct. 25, a week before the election.

Debate ducking is a strategy this year among Democrats as Charlie Kirk tweeted out.

Shapiro Wont Debate Mastriano

2 thoughts on “Shapiro Won’t Debate Mastriano Or Things That Make You Go Hmmmm”

  1. Add that clown Leeann Kruger to the cast of cowards who refuse to face the public.

    I understand she is making a number of public appearances over the next couple weeks. It would be a real shame if someone called her out on her abject cowardice and why she feels entitled to reelection.

  2. Yes, besides being liars and frauds, Dems are cowards. While there are many examples of Dems who are cowards, one is Montco Commissioner Ken Lawrence. He hides behind Chair Valerie’s skirt and hangs on to Little Josh Shapiro’s pant leg for security. These two are responsible for putting Baby Ken on the Montco Board of Commissioners when Shapiro left to go to the AG office.

    If you don’t already know, Ken Lawrence is a rapist. A felon. He has yet to acknowledge what he has done and take accountability for it. Little Josh Shapiro and Valerie (Arkoosh) will keep dragging him up the ladder, even though baby Ken has done nothing to merit taking the next rung. He is the “yes man.” The one who does their bidding no matter what it is.

    If Little Josh becomes governor (I can’t say elected because we know the fix is in, although I keep praying the fix won’t stick), Ken and Valerie will be trailing Shapiro up the ladder. Valerie will be PA Secretary of Health (she still thinks she is a real doctor and it appears she has paid Shapiro for the seat) and Ken will have some made up position, think lackey.

    Pennsylvania will be in dire straits if these are the people that get sent to Harrisburg.

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