Obama Unites Israel, Egypt

Shaaban Abdel Rahim Obama Unites Israel, Egypt
Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, who is best known for his hit “I Hate Israel”, has a new song accusing Barack Obama of supporting Hamas and ISIS.

Maybe Barack Obama deserves his Nobel Peace Prize after all.  He seems to have done the impossible and unite the Israelis and Egyptians.

Below is popular Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim — whose breakthrough hit was “I Hate Israel” — accusing our president of supporting ISIS and the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

The lyrics include: We don’t want anything from you Obama. Now the people of Egypt know that you are the man of ISIS and Hamas and Obama your trick is now clear. Go to Qatar and Turkey, your allies. God bless the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. They stood by us in our bad time.

We think Rudy Giuliani would say the same thing  if he  could rhyme rhythmically.

Obama Unites Israel, Egypt

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Obama Christianity Debate

Obama Christianity Debate
President Obama and the mysterious Mark of Dubya that appears on his forehead when stressed

Propagandists masquerading a journalists threw a gotcha question at Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a potential GOP presidential nominee.

“Is President Obama a Christian,” he was asked?

“I don’t know,” the Governor said.

Reader Tom Coniglia points out that according to the Bible you judge the tree by the fruit it bears.

While a profession of the divinity of Jesus Christ is not, nor should it ever be, a requirement for the presidency or any public office, there should be an expectation that one is honest about where one is coming from.

Biden 2015.

Say what you want about Joe, you know where he’s coming from albeit he may not be as certain at times.

Obama Christianity Debate

Obama Loves America

Obama Loves America as much as Bill Ayers
Obama loves America every bit as much as does Bill Ayers (above) and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This image of Ayers standing on the Stars and Stripes was used to illustrate a flattering New York Times Magazine article about how he didn’t regret setting bombs in his Weatherman days..

Former New York Mayor and 9/11  hero Rudy Guiliani told a crowd of  business leaders, Feb. 18, at the 21 Club in New York City that he doesn’t believe Obama loves America.

Oh, did heads spin. The bile boiled over on leftist blogs as progs came out in defense of their god. Rudy, himself, got death threats.

The Mayor didn’t back down, though, repeating his claim on cable news shows.

Mayor, the best response would have been merely to concede that the President does love America — every bit as much as Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. He willingly subjected himself to Wright’s sermons   for two decades, after all; and  Ayers, a man who once helped plan the bombing of the Pentagon, hired him to chair his Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Here is the link to a flattering article concerning Ayers in which he expresses pride for his role in the bombings of  New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, of the Capitol building in 1971,  and the Pentagon in 1972. If you want to feel a bit of extreme cosmic irony note the date the article was published.

Below is Rev. Wright showing how much he loves America.

 Obama Loves America

OFA Best Messenger Is Us

OFA Best Messenger Is Us Mark Of Dubya
Barack Obama says we are one of his best messengers.

We got an email on Feb. 13 from the OFA Truth Team.  OFA would be Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action.

“William,” it said. “You’re one of the best messengers we’ve got in this movement”.

Well, thank you OFA guys. It is nice to be appreciated. We certainly try. Check out our Barack Obama archives.

For lighter reading check out our Joe Biden archives. 

And we hadn’t even included Joe’s — we are on a first name basis — recent “butt buddy” shout out.

So we’ll put that below:

OFA Best Messenger Is Us

Obama Continues National Divide

Obama Continues National Divide

We didn’t watch Obama’s State of the Union Speech last night feeling the entertainment offered on Netflix was a more industrious use of our time.

But he sent us this email about it so we will pass it on — mostly to show how smart we are regarding the use of time:

Friend —

Last night, I ​spoke​ directly with the American people about what I believe we can get done together this year.

My priorities are strengthening the middle class and ensuring our economy is rebounding for the whole country, not just the powerful few. I laid out a vision of middle-class economics, to help build on the progress of the past six years and make sure American families can get ahead in the 21st century. That means fighting to expand paid sick leave, helping any student willing to work hard get an affordable education, and cutting taxes for middle-class families ​by eliminating wasteful tax loopholes.

The new Congress has been on the job for two weeks, and they’ve given us a good look at where they want to take the country, too — they’ve moved quickly to try to roll back our progress on everything from immigration to health care.

I believe Americans are tired of the political back and forth. People want to see an agenda that moves us​ all forward.

If that’s something you agree with, OFA is asking you to do your part today. It’s never been more important to take a stand.

This morning, I begin the fourth quarter of my presidency. ​As long as there’s time on the clock, I’ll be doing everything I can.

I hope you will, too:


That’s right, rather than trying to work with an opposition overwhelmingly chosen by the American public in response to his actions, he calls them names and impugns them with false motives.

The President is not just a disgrace but a waste of time. Obama purposely tries to divide us for reasons of ego, power and selfishness.

The Independence Hall Foundation has also issued a statement regarding Obama’s speech.

The Independence Hall Foundation rejects, out of hand, President Obama’s call for an increase in Federal taxes as a sure way to hurt America’s fragile economy.

“The idea of raising the Capitol Gains tax from 23 percent to 28 percent, and taxing, even further, those who already pay the preponderance of taxes, is counterproductive,” said Foundation spokeswoman, Teri Adams.  “No matter how the additional revenue is spent.

“President Obama should drop his Robin Hood pretense.  In a free enterprise system, POTUS does not pick winners and losers–which is exactly what the President is attempting to do.

“We need to stimulate the economy with pro-growth policies,” said Ms. Adams. Such policies require tax reductions–not increases–and an elimination of burdensome business regulations.

“A ‘Flat Tax’ is probably the best solution for true tax reform, although proponents of the ‘Fair Tax’ have compelling arguments, as well.”

That’s a statement of substance, not name calling.

Obama Continues National Divide
Yes, Obama Continues National Divide

Again, Obama Continues National Divide


Roger Simon Skewers Obama Ebola Incompetence

Author and Academy Award nominated screenwriter Roger Simon has a great column at PJmedia.com skewering the Obama administration’s handling of  Ebola and other ongoing crises  in way that makes you want to cry — or hide under the covers.

He notes that after millions knew of the hatchet attack by a “quasi-Islamo-lunatic” on a New York City cop, yesterday, Oct. 23, an administration representative queried about it was unaware it happened.

Regarding the matter of  Dr. Craig Spencer,  Simon writes was that part of the latest CDC protocol or the pilot for a television series — “Bowling for Ebola”?  In this new reality show/game you have to guess which ball doesn’t have infected fluids from the previous contestant inside its little holes.   The winner gets to go on but the loser, well… you know…

Spencer 33, returned to New York on Oct. 17  from the West African nation of Guinea where he had treated Ebola patients.  He spent the next six days riding subways, bowling, using the Uber taxi service, and spending time with his girlfriend before reporting a fever on Oct. 23 and being admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center for diagnosis and treatment.

So what did Obama do on Oct. 23? He hung out at Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s (D-W Va) mansion where he was the guest of honor at a $32,400 a plate fundraiser for the Democrat (Little Guy LOL) Party.

The mansion, by the way, is an $18 million palace in Washington D.C., a long way from coal fields and mountain music of the people, Rockefeller — who is retiring this term — allegedly represents.

When our little ride ends Obama supporters are going to look at their votes for the man about the same way the Germans who voted for Hitler did in June 1945.

Anyway, kudos to Roger Simon.


Roger Simon Skewers Obama Ebola Incompetence

Roger Simon Skewers Obama Ebola Incompetence

Homelessness Explodes Under Obama

The Oct. 20 Sports Illustrated reports that in 2012-13 the U.S. Department of Education documented more than 1.2 million homeless students in the nation’s public elementary, middle and high schools.

This represents a 58 percent increase since 2008.

Department of Education defines homelessness as “the lack of a fixed, regular and adequate night-time residence.”

About 900,000 of the students “double up” residing with relatives or friends.

It can be found on page 54 in a story about homeless high school athletes.


Homelessness Explodes Under Obama

Homelessness Explodes Under Obama

Ebola Equality Political Correctness

Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden                            Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden

Ebola fear is spreading, a contingency the Obama administration should have been preparing for in August if not earlier.

The big reason for the unease is leadership. Obama said it was unlikely to get here and, well, here it  is.

He apparently thought he was dealing with the  j.v. team of contagious disease.

Thomas Frieden, who directs our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is the man who Obama tapped to deal with matters like this.

As we should have expected, Frieden was not picked  for his skill in dealing with a crisis but for his fidelity to the poison of political correctness.

He was Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene when called to federal service and was best known for distributing condoms to gays and banning trans-fat from New York restaurants.

His brother Jeffrey is  the Stanfield Professor of International Peace at Harvard and critic of free markets.

It’s no wonder why Frieden is fighting quarantines for travelers from West Africa. Equality means Ebola equality as well, after all.

And it’s no wonder  that now Frieden has been compelled to act he is proposing plans that are scaring the pants off of rubber-meets-the-road health workers.

And it’s no wonder that he is giving  blame-ridden explanations without checking the facts i.e. there was no protocol to breach concerning the contagions of those who treated the late Liberian visitor Thomas Duncan.

When your skill set is political pandering that is the thing you do.

The tragedy is that Ebola doesn’t have to be scary, or anywhere near as scary anyway.

The evil, greedy Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. stopped Ebola cold at its 80,000 person rubber plantation in the middle of the Liberian hot zone, it seems and just using common sense and materials at hand.

But then those evil greedy corporate types appear to have treated the issue as crisis and not as an excuse for political posturing and laughable orchestrated photo ops.

Ebola Equality Political Correctness Thomas Frieden



Obama Performance No Fireside Chat

Last evening the American people were yet again treated to a performance given by President Obama. His speech used the usual collection of patriotic catch phrases to win over the audience to his much anticipated “strategy” for ending the genocide in the middle east. It was not a strategy. It was a political check list. Consult with Congress, check. Consult with UN, check. Consult with military advisers, oops.

His robot-like persona struggled uncomfortably to use American euphemisms in the right context. Think Mork from Ork on meth. Thirteen years after September 11 he remains incapable of projecting an understanding of American culture and honor. If he’s got it, he’s doing a hell of a job of hiding it.

Note to constitutional professor: America is a republic. Mysteriously they didn’t teach that anywhere between the madrasah and Harvard. Pretty sure they taught it at one of Sarah Palins alma maters. Read the text in parcels; spare yourself the audio. Only so much pomposity and pretense can be digested at one sitting.

He’s no FDR. This was no fireside chat. It was a campaign promise. It was a gift for those Democrat incumbents struggling to hold on to their Senate seats in Novembers mid term elections. THIS is his priority. Avoiding telegraphing his punches to a deadly enemy for the safety and success of our military is not.

Its purposes were devoid of connection to the realistic needs of a REPUBLIC under threat. His dishonesty and duplicity were breathtaking;

“And our own safety, our own security, depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation and uphold the values that we stand for –- timeless ideals that will endure long after those who offer only hate and destruction have been vanquished from the Earth.”


“It will not involve American combat troops fighting on foreign soil.”

Excerpted from FreedomRadioRocks.com

Obama Performance No Fireside Chat
Obama Performance No Fireside Chat
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