Brian Williams Protected Obama

 Brian Williams Protected Obama
Brian Williams Protected Barack Obama

Brian Williams bizarre penchant for making up stories of derring-do, as bad as it is, is not the worst of his journalistic crimes.

Far more damning is the spiking of legitimate news stories that put his political ally, Barack Obama, in an unflattering light.

New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman has revealed that Williams twice in 2013 refused to air major stories about significant occurrences that made Obama look bad. One concerned a Justice Department memo justifying drone strikes against American citizens. The other was about how the Obama Administration had known since 2010 that ObamaCare would cost millions those insurance policies that Obama promised repeatedly that they could keep.

Obviously, these stories were reported elsewhere but not by the then most watched newsman in America.

The only reason Democrats win elections is because information is kept from the voters.

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Brian Williams Protected Obama


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