Centralia Shows Why Fracking Beats Coal

There are risks to everything but if one wants lights at night and food to stay cold  a source of energy is needed.  Centralia Shows Why Fracking Beats Coal. Centralia shows why we should embrace fracking.

And wind and solar are just not going to do it. The  largest wind farm in the world produces just 25 percent to 36 percent of its rated 300 MW capacity. The typical fossil-fuel,  base-load plant is rated at 1,000 MW and runs when the energy is needed rather than when the  source is available.

A decade or so ago, America was getting half it’s energy from coal. While it is still the largest source it has now fallen to 37 percent, as of 2012, with natural gas rising to 30 percent and climbing.

And a surprising thing is happening: the air is getting cleaner. Carbon dioxide measured in the first quarter of 2012 was the lowest recorded of any year since 1992 A natural gas plant pumps out about half the CO2 as a coal plant.

Fracking opponents say it releases methane which is worse for the atmosphere than CO2. The recent wells, however, are seriously mitigating the problem.

For those that still want to complain maybe they want to join the push for nuclear power.

For those that want to stop fracking to return to coal, watch this  video. Did you know that coal seam fires alone are thought to account for 3 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases?


Centralia Shows Why Fracking Beats Coal 


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  1. great point.
    Few people have noticed the increasing number of deadly fires caused by shipping oil via RR vs the much safer and economical pipelineE.g. .google” Lake Megantic fire”

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