3 thoughts on “Chickens just don’t taste the same William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 7-24-20”

  1. Sounds like a reason to return to the custom of many of our grandparents (or great-grandparents, for the millennials) of keeping a chicken coop in the back yard.

    Actually, I’m pretty sure my great-grandparents kept chickens, too.

  2. My grandparents kept back yard chickens, and never knew how trendy they were!

    But I’m crying “Fowl!” on the explanations in this article. Raising chickens in cages where they can barely move, and pumping them full of antibiotics and growth hormones, is not only needlessly cruel but also results in inferior meat and also eggs. If you want old-fashioned thick-shelled brown eggs that taste great, insist on pasture-raised and pay the upcharge. Same with chicken meat!

  3. It’s not just the breed, but the short time alive (can be as low as five weeks), but the garbage they are now fed and the confinement. My chickens were truly free range, I lived in far from the road so they were all over the yard but every night they all went in their house and they snore, kids loved to sneak in and listen, the geese, dog and roosters kept an eye on them all let us loudly know if anything was wrong, they were fed on whole grains and laid wonderful eggs too. Miss them a lot now in the city and eggs and chicken look and taste awful like chemicals. Beef and pork also less tasty in the city, never mind the vegetables and fruit, it had to be bad before chemicals were used and hormones never were used. I miss the farm, too old now, but I can still grow a few vegetables, and old neighbors who used to bring me in some are too old now too LOL but still life goes on.

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