Chris Matthews’ Baby Bro Faces Perjury Charges

Chris Matthews’ Baby Bro Faces Perjury Charges — The not-really-conservative Republican brother of Obama-zombie MSNBC commentator Chris “Tingles” Matthews has been arrested and charged with perjury.

James R. Matthews, 62, the lame-duck chairman of the Montgomery County (Pa.) board of commissioners, allegedly lied to a county grand jury investigating corruption when he denied that Keenan Mortgage Co., which he owns, had not done business since 1995 with Certified Abstract Co., which was awarded a contract in 2010 to provide title insurance services with the county.

It was learned that Keegan Mortgage
had done business exclusively with Certified since early 2010, said the grand jury.

Matthews ran unsuccessfully as the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor in 2006.

Matthews was censored by the county GOP  in 2007 when he entered into a power-sharing agreement with Democrat commissioner Joe Hoeffel 3rd cutting out fellow Republican Bruce Castor and giving the Dems effective control of the county.

Matthews declined to seek re-election to his commissioner seat in 2011.


Chris Matthews’ Baby Bro Faces Perjury Charges

One thought on “Chris Matthews’ Baby Bro Faces Perjury Charges”

  1. I think it must run in the Family. I’ll bet Chris got more than a tingle down his leg when he heard how fellow GOP Montco Commissioner Bruce L. Castor Jr, a former district attorney described baby brother.
    Castor said, “I hate to say ‘I told you so,’ but I told you so. Jim Matthews is a man totally devoid of honesty and incapable of telling the truth.”
    Hey with those qualifications, Jim, after he gets out, ought to be hired by MSNBC.

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