Christine O’Donnell Will Win In Nov.

Tea Party-endorsed Christine O’Donnell clobbered heavily favored, establishment-endorsed Congressman Mike Castle 53-47 percent in yesterday’s primary to win the Republican Party’s nomination in the race to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate.

She now faces heavily favored Democrat Chris Coons in the seat formerly held by Vice President Joe Biden.

National Republicans say she will not get their support. Former Bush 43 guru Karl Rove, visibly upset, told O’Donnell supporter Sean Hannity on his Fox News program, that he had met her and was “not impressed” and practically ruled out any hope for a GOP victory in the Diamond State on Nov. 2.

Frankly, that Rove was upset at the defeat of a man who once tried to get his former boss investigated with the intent to impeach is rather indicative of what is wrong with the Republican Party leaders. One wonders why they never attack Democrats with the zeal they attacked O’Donnell.

Anyway, I’m going to disagree with Rove and predict a win for Christine.

During the next six weeks, Coons will portray O’Donnell as a flake. The GOP-establishment that backed Castle will hold Coons’ coat during these attacks and smile contentedly. The  News Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philly news broadcasts and the other dino media that infest the state will without relent print and broadcast stories reinforcing the Coons narrative. Most residents of Delaware will come to accept that she is a flake.

And then on Election Day these residents will look at their drastically higher health insurance premiums that the Democrats said would never rise, wonder why they can’t find a job and  vote for the flake who has been unyielding in her promises that she will stop the policies — policies in part backed by national Republicans —  that caused the mess this country is in.

Godspeed, Christine.

2 thoughts on “Christine O’Donnell Will Win In Nov.”

  1. I certainly support the Tea Party’s goals and philosophy. However, I think we have to be certain that the candidates that are running would be one that best represents us. I really respect Karl Rove and he doesn’t seem to think that Christine O’Donnell is the best person for the job. Hopefully she will prove herself by November.

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