Clapping For Walter Clapp

Clapping For Walter Clapp

By Bob Small

We couldn’t clap for Walter Clapp last Wednesday (Aug. 23) t as he wasn’t on stage.  Along with the horde of lesser-known GOP presidential candidates — the Dems have just as many — he did not have a place on the stage, nor, truth be told, any chance of getting there.

This is a shame because Walter D. Clapp, a Montana attorney and a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, is also “one of the first Rural Incubator Project for Lawyers to serve middle class Montanans”.

He believes social issues are “best left to the states”.  He also believes “Every day we fight a battle that rages between our ears.  It’s a war between  love and hate, good and evil, truth and untruth. My message is that the Republican Party stands for good, for truth, and yes, for love.”

Clapping For Walter Clapp

Among other projects he plans, that none of the other candidates will do, is “setting out on a cross-country trip driving a team of horses and a wagon this fall.” 

Can’t we see Chris Christie joining him with his New Jersey horses?

He also pledges to “Uncap the House”, “Amend the Constitution” so as to be able to call a convention of the states, and promote exploration in space for “Americans to mine minerals in space”.

Maybe Vivek could be part of that first group in outer space.

For the latest on this aspect, see  A horse-drawn POTUS hopeful hits the road – Montana Free Press 

He’s also involved with Honor Coin Law, which has to do with cryptocurrency, though I found their whole explanation cryptic, as I often do.

See also Walter Clapp – Presidential Candidate – Clapp 2024 | LinkedIn 

Lastly, he’s not the only presidential candidate this cycle from Montana.

Clapping For Walter Clapp

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