Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP

Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP — Everything you’ve heard about the Clintons is true.

Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP
Gary Byrne at the Springfield Township (Pa.) building.

That was the message best-selling author Gary Byrne brought to tonight’s (Sept. 21) meeting of the Springfield (Pa.) Republican Party.

Byrne who grew up in Ridley Park and attended Ridley High School is a resident of Springfield.

His book Crisis of Character concerns his time as a uniformed Secret Service officer in the Clinton White House.

“They lie about everything,” Byrne said. “Even when they don’t have too.” He said character assassination of opponents — political and otherwise — is their standard operating procedure.

Byrne was the officer stationed outside the Oval Office when Monica Lewinsky visited President Bill Clinton. He was the first member of the Secret Service to be subpoenaed to testify against a U.S. president. He noted that what got Clinton impeached wasn’t the sex but perjury and the suborning of Miss Lewinsky’s perjury. Clinton had sworn in an affidavit that he was never alone with her and pressured her to do the same.

Byrne knew otherwise.

Byrne said he knew his life would change when he was returning from a training assignment and listening to Howard Stern while speeding down the New Jersey turnpike. He heard Stern announce that Matt Drudge had revealed that matter of Miss Lewinsky’s blue dress. Byrne said he pulled over and threw up.

Byrne resisted testifying until ordered to do so by the Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Byrne also saw first hand matters that were reported in various place in the ’90s but dismissed  by old media. Yes, Mrs. Clinton berated an officer who was maintaining protocols at a Christmas party, namely himself. Yes, Hillary Clinton hit a  Secret Service officer in the back of the head with a Bible. Byrne watched it happen.

Byrne took questions from the audience. One man asked what he thought concerning the death of Vince Foster. Byrne said he had been acquainted with Foster and believed that he had committed suicide but much of what surrounded it was suspicious. He said there was carpet fibers on Foster’s clothes and no dust on his shoes as would be expected if he had walked into Fort Marcy Park to pull the trigger. He said there was an issue with the firing mechanism on the revolver Foster was said to have used. He said, however, that while strange, this would not make it impossible for that gun to have been the killing device.

He said one troubling matter relating to the incident concerned the treatment of his fellow officer Hank O’Neill. O’Neill was stationed outside Foster’s office after his death and testified that Margaret Williams, who was Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff, removed two handfuls of folders from it.

O’Neill’s character was besmirched by the Clinton machine.

One woman asked Byrne if he feared for his life during testimony. He said yes, although in hindsight he’s not sure how realistic he was being. He said that during a trip to Arkansas with President George H.W. Bush in 1991, a deputy sheriff had quite seriously implied the Clintons were capable of anything.

And Byrne does not dismiss the infamous Clinton death list. He said the July 10 murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Conrad Rich had the earmarks of the type of assassination that he is trained to stop.

Byrne served with the Air Force Security Forces before joining the Secret Service and later was a federal air marshal.

He said he was talked into writing his book by friends.

He said had been a Carly Fiornia supporter but is now one-hundred percent behind Donald Trump and is expecting to become involved in his campaign.

Clinton Secret Service Officer Addresses Springfield GOP



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