Conflicts Involve Muslims Omnibit 9-11-19

“Religion of Peace” should only be written with an LOL. Eighty percent of the world’s conflicts involve Muslims as of Sept. 11, 2019 according to Wikipedia.

Of the four in the Major War Category in the site’s List of Ongoing Armed Conflicts page, three link to Muslims, with the Mexican drug war being the exception.

Of the seven in the Wars Category, all do.

It’s 13 out of 20 in the Minor Conflicts Category.

Of the 13 in the Skirmishes and Clashes Category, nine link to Muslims.

Conflicts Involve Muslims Omnibit 9-11-19
Conflicts Involve Muslims Omnibit 9-11-19
Any religion that hates dogs, is no friend o mine.

One thought on “Conflicts Involve Muslims Omnibit 9-11-19”

  1. And still we let them in. And we vote them in as well. How stupid do we have to be? Shall we just continue until they simply take over without our ever putting up a fight?

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