COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco

COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco — The Chester County (Pa) Health Department has created a site dedicated to tracking COVID-19 cases and deaths in Delaware and Chester counties in Pennsylvania.

The statistics for Chester County can be found here

The ones for Delaware County can be found here.

Hat tip John Jushchyshyn

COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco
COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco

5 thoughts on “COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco”

  1. Thanks so much. The only problem is that they have the different divisions marked off with the deaths but don’t have the divisions noted as to townships. It would be good if they had provided a link to the maps with the townships noted.

    1. I saw that but didn’t know how to identify the areas. However, I just realized that if you click an area, a dialog box pops up which tells you the municipality, the cases, and the deaths in that municipality. That wasn’t clear at first.

      Thank you for providing these links. They are very helpful.

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