CPA Says Biden Win Needs Auditing

CPA Says Biden Win Needs Auditing — Joseph Fried, an MBA and CPA, retired from the auditing firm he created so with time on his hands he investigated Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.

His conclusion is that an audit is most certainly, definitely positively needed.

Front Page Magazine spells out many of his specifics from many places in many states.

Delaware County, Pa. is among them.

Fried cites the hidden-camera videos showing patently illegal conduct – including the destruction of election records – on the part of election workers.

One showed two Delaware County election workers discussing the need “to destroy and/or hide 2020 election information requested under Pennsylvania’s ‘Right to Know’ laws.”

Smile Jim.

The county District Attorney closed his “investigation” into these videos without taking action.

It was worse than that, actually. Jack Stollsteimer sent a letter to County Council, which it read into the record, that only three videos were presented as evidence, that they had been taken from the internet and that they had been doctored.

The truth is that 37 videos were submitted as evidence, they came directly from the person who made them, and they had not been edited.

Delaware County was the last in Pennsylvania to report its vote totals – and before that report came in, Trump was winning the state.

Fried also includes the claim by Steven Miller, a professor of mathematics at Williams College, that around 90,000 of the absentee ballots purportedly requested by Republican voters had either been requested by persons other than those GOP voters or had been completed and sent in by those voters but never counted.

Miller was criticized for his data-set by other academics who, however, conceded that his math was correct.

Miller’s response was that did not claim his statement to be conclusive but rather potentially indicative. 

“I am a strong believer that sunlight is the best disinfectant, that the best solution is to put things out there in the public,” he said.

Which gets us to why so many are certain Biden is not the legitimate president. Cover-ups and bald dismissals occur instead of taking the allegations seriously and investigating.

Miller is competent and highly respected. His data-set raises suspicions? Fine, develop one without the perceived flaws. Don’t attack him for telling you what you don’t want to hear.

Fried isn’t perfect. He says that more ballots were cast in Pennsylvania than registered voters. This stems from erroneous early reporting by the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors that conflicted with what the Department of State was releasing. When everything was settled, ballots had been cast by only about 74 percent of registered voters, still a very high turnout.

And this is how you ease suspicions. You understand what the source of the suspicion is and address it with solid evidence in a transparent way.

We have not seen this done with Miller’s claims and it most certainly was not done by Stollsteimer.

It was most certainly not done in Fulton County, Pa. where the state actually crushed an attempt by the county to audit its Dominion voting machines.

Fried’s  book Debunked: A Professional Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election came out four months ago.

2 thoughts on “CPA Says Biden Win Needs Auditing”

  1. Hi Bill, Thanks for the book review! I really appreciated it, and believe it is a generous review. However, I can’t agree with this statement: “He says that more ballots were cast in Pennsylvania than registered voters.” I know that the votes cast were far below the number of registered voters. However, the SURE system, to which you refer, measures the registered voters WHO ACTUALLY VOTED, per the individual counties. At the time of certification, the Secretary of State’s office confirmed an excess of 202,000 ballots over voters who actually voted, per SURE. The Secretary’s office attributed that to tardy counties. Verity Vote ( then started making weekly “Right to Know” requests to see the subsequent changes to the numbers of voters (per SURE) and to the the vote totals. According to Verity’s work, there was still an excess of 121,240 as of 2/1/21. I then made my own RTK request and got final numbers as of sometime in May 2021. The new numbers changed the excess to something over 90,000. I have since challenged PA’s Secretary to reconcile the discrepancy, and there has been no response. I never ruled out the possibility of clerical error, but a response is needed. Otherwise, I stand by my work and that of Verity.

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