Dale Kerns Seeks Senate Seat

Dale Kerns Seeks Senate Seat
Dale Kerns

Dale Kerns Seeks Senate Seat — Dale Kerns of Ridley, who has been active in the Delaware County Libertarian Party, announced, Nov. 19, that he will be a candidate for U.S. Senate in 2018.

You can find information about him at his website www.DaleKerns.com and his Facebook page.

Here is the statement he released Nov. 19.

As we approach another Thanksgiving Holiday, we have plenty to be thankful for. I for one am thankful for my wife and two daughters. I am thankful for my friends, family, coworkers and customers. Each day that I have these individuals in my life I grow, I am challenged, I am grateful, and I look forward to each consecutive day. Consequently, with so much to be grateful for one obstacle impedes pure satisfaction. The obstacle is our lack of freedom, the lack of Liberty. In order to be purely satisfied and purely successful we need to have Liberty in our lives. This is something we must all fight for together, and right now!

We live in a country that was founded by Liberty lovers, with a document called the Constitution that was completely written around the concept of Liberty. We still are governed under this founding document, but; ironically, we often toss Liberty to the side in order to achieve some sort of political goals. Each time we do this we sacrifice our freedoms for some sense of security. Benjamin Franklin once said that when a person sacrifices Liberty for security, they deserve neither. We allow the NSA to spy on us out of the name of security even though the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects us against such drastic overreaches of government. This among many travesties like the war on drugs take place on a daily basis. One can only reflect back to the words of Benjamin Franklin and wonder “what are we doing”.

The war on drugs has been going on for decades, this clearly has made matters worse. We simply cannot legislate morality and expect people to adopt them. Not everyone has the same moral compass as the next individual. That is why I always advocate for individual freedom. With the war on drugs, we take addicts, and lock them up like criminals for a drug offense. In prison, they are not treated by their doctor for the issue. Our prison system is supposed to keep them safe; yet, these individuals are now able to readily find heroin and other substances in prison. This makes them less safe, and it ultimately creates a bigger problem than we had.  But we cannot just change the system over night. Voices are not being heard. We must ban together and fight the “for profit prison system” and their lobbyists. Talk about losing your Liberty, we allow corporations to profit for each prisoner? We must fight this and the criminal justice system created in Washington. The criminal justice system that has mandatory minimums, and targets poor neighborhoods. The criminal justice system that has created a marriage with the war on drugs, which is a war on our communities.

Our national debt has surpassed $19 TRILLION, which leaves our future generations enslaved. We need to pass a balanced budget amendment in order to stop our rouge government from spending more than they bring in. Speaking of bringing in, let’s cut some of that out too while we are at it. Back when the revolutionary war was fought, they paid a lot less in taxes. Remember they were worried about the Stamp Act and the tax on tea? Well, we can see their tea and stamps and raise them a death tax, a gas tax, a sales tax, an inheritance tax, a liquor tax, a social security tax, a healthcare tax, an inflation tax, an income tax and the list continues for quite a while. So, let’s abolish the IRS and allow people to opt out of Social Security since the money that was promised to us has been stolen. This is real change!

Looking at things from the 10,000 foot view, our national debt grows yet we borrow money from China to nation build around the world and give countries foreign aid. Simply put, we borrow money from China in order to fund our imperialistic nature- overthrowing regime after regime. In the end, we leave these countries and each is no better than when we came into it. Often times they are worse. For instance, take a look at Iraq, Syria, and the Iran. Iran actually had a democracy in 1955 until we overthrew the government and installed a dictator. In Iraq, we created ISIS. While in Afghanistan we are fighting Al Qaeda, but funding and arming them in Syria and Yemen. This by very definition is chaos and insanity. We need to allow Liberty to take over our country once again. We should not be nation building and policing the world. How about we fight wars that are declared by congress, not by a President acting as a dictator? Let’s promote national defense instead of nationalism! That is the way the Constitution designed this process.

If we use a declaration of war from Congress out of defense, then can we go into that war with a plan. Right now, we are carelessly sending our soldiers to fight wars without a plan, without a clear path to victory. Then they come home and are discarded like trash. The healthcare is abysmal, the support is lacking to say the least, and we follow this up with repeating our careless foreign policy as if we do not learn from our mistakes. A nation that is so heavily involved with embracing the flag, and the national anthem- one would expect the patriotism to extend from a declaration of war from congress, all the way to the care the soldier receives at home. A common sense foreign policy, based off American Ideals is what we need to implement. Let’s combine that with a withdraw from the UN!

There are so many things to be thankful for. There are so many issues that we must fight. There are so many Liberties that we have lost, but there are so many Liberties that we can gain. We need to bring government back to the American way. We need to start using the Constitution. We need a common sense foreign policy, a tax code that is simplified and eliminates the IRS. We need to scale back the size, and scope of government. But most importantly we need to ensure that our politicians are keeping their oath of office. The very oath that says they will protect and defend the Constitution. We need them to think about Liberty every step of the way. We need each citizen holding them accountable and protecting their Liberties as well.

I look at my little girls and I think, “who will fight for them and their generation”. I wonder what life will be like for them when they are older. Then I realize, it can only get worse, not better because these issues are barely discussed. As they get older, they might not have anything left to be thankful for. Liberty, America, it all could be gone if we keep traveling down the road of debt, destruction, and contributing to the demise of our Liberties.

For these reasons and many others, I am announcing my candidacy for United Stated Senate. I am running as a 3rd Party candidate, a Libertarian, challenging Pennsylvania’s 2018 seat that is currently held by Bob Casey. I will not sit back and concede, the children of the future deserve better- each and every one of them. Together, we are going to fight the corporate for profit prison system in Pennsylvania, we are going to fight for a common-sense approach to foreign policy, we are going to demand our Liberties, demand that our own government not spy on us like criminals, and we are going to fight for term limits in Congress, and we are going to fight to abolish the IRS! Join me for just 2018, let’s try to do this together. If you decide after a term of Liberty and being free that you don’t like it, you can always go back- the politicians and lobbyists will always welcome us back! Make your voice heard in Pennsylvania. Join me and be Libertarian, because you have to admit, the alternative just is not working.

In Liberty,
Dale Kerns
Candidate for United States Senate
Ridley Township, Delaware County

Dale Kerns Seeks Senate Seat

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