MyPillow Settles $1 Million Lawsuit

MyPillow Settles $1 Million Lawsuit — Sad news. MyPillow has agreed to settle a civil lawsuit brought by several California consumer-protection groups for $1 million.

The groups claimed that the pillows really didn’t cure insomnia, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Oh, how could they have led so many astray.

The company based in Chaska, Minn was  founded in 2004 by Michael Lindell and uses a patented open-cell, poly-foam design.

MyPillow Settles $1 Million LawsuitHopefully, this legal issue doesn’t prevent Lindell from airing his  commercials on so many different media. We know one person who would be truly heart-broken judging by the passionate commentary he provides each time he sees one.

MyPillow Settles $1 Million Lawsuit

4 thoughts on “MyPillow Settles $1 Million Lawsuit”

  1. Could we get away with using “My pillow commercials” instead of waterboarding as a means of extracting information from undesirables? It really is a form of torture.

  2. Dumb claims that defy logic. All I ever want is a good pillow…not impossible promises. Quite pricey too!

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