Dating Comcast Nightmare

Comcast — Philadelphia’s Democrat-supporting signature corporation — won’s  Worst Company in America 2014 tournament beating out Monsanto.

Well done, Comcast. You were the one we were betting on.

Below is a video of what dating Comast would be like. It’s for you Judy and Lynn.

End it. End it now.

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The whimsical lobby of the Comcast Center, 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Dating Comcast Nightmare

The whimsical lobby of the Comcast Center, 1701 John F. Kennedy Blvd.

Dating Comcast Nightmare

4 thoughts on “Dating Comcast Nightmare”

  1. when fios came through my neighborhood I was all over it for signing up. Comcast/xfinity/whatever new name they come up with next to hide their incompetence was one of our worst experiences with cable. Constantly losing a signal to the point where I logged my computer into my fax line to be able to work from home. The coup de grace came when they sent me a notice with a late charge saying I didn’t pay my bill. I went on TD bank’s website, located a copy of my cancelled check which I cut and pasted into an email then called comcast’s billing department. They proceeded to ARGUE with me saying I did NOT pay my bill the previous month. I calmly said “but I did….I’m looking the cancelled check from last month” and offered to email it to them. They said “you have to fax it to us”….I FLIPPED OUT ON THE LADY AND YELLED “BUT YOU’RE COMCAST! It’s comcastic!” She said they weren’t set up for billing complaints online so I agreed to fax it but said I wanted a credit for $5 for having to use my home office fax line. No shit! That’s how screwed up there were at that time.

  2. True story: while at the Upper Darby Comcast branch to surrender an “end of life” modem (that’s really what they called it!!), I tried to explain through the incredibly thick glass separating me from the comcasters that I was told to bring my modem to them. The comcaster just kept shouting at me, “You have to call Comcast!!! Call Comcast!!!”
    What wasn’t I understanding??

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