Daylin Leach Sexual Harassment Claims

Daylin Leach Sexual Harassment Claims
Daylin Leach

Daylin Leach Sexual Harassment Claims — Daylin Leach, the 17th District Pennsylvania senator who is — or had been anyway — the likely Democrat taking on incumbent Republican Pat Meehan in next year’s 7th District congressional race, is facing accusations of sexual harassment.

Multiple ex-staffers — male and female — are accusing Leach of “highly sexualized jokes and comments” and touching women in a way they deemed inappropriate.

Leach is a piece of work. He is the kind of guy you vote for if you are a masochist who wants life harder, poorer and generally more miserable.

Here is our own little run-in with him.

Here is some more background.

Daylin Leach Sexual Harassment Claims


5 thoughts on “Daylin Leach Sexual Harassment Claims”

  1. Gosh, what a surprise, Daylin Leach caught up in sexual harassment allegations. His “writings” that came out years ago should have been a warning of what was going on with him –offensive and often pornographic.

    Must be a vast right-wing conspiracy. Oh wait, the women who are coming forward with claims against him are progressives who were big supporters of Mr. Leach’s policies. And speaking of his policies, very supportive of women –but now according to these claims only supportive of women who were not within earshot or grope-shot of Mr. Leach.

  2. Daylin Leach’s snarky ridicule and high school, Animal House vulgar humor, and pretentious world view.

    Daylin Leach had a blog years ago that was taken down because of its vulgar and less than respectful sexual allusions. I don’t know where it can be found but it sounds like the present accusations are a reprise and emanation of immature Animal House view of women.

    The present described behavior of “inappropriate” comments is not out of character for Daylin Leach who remember Dutch Laroo’s commentary chronicled in Leachvent . Leachvent good example of Daylin’s humor which is not to everyone’s taste and would have been considered “inappropriate” at the time. But Daylin is a Democrat so..

    Now the Democratic narrative has changed and it appears that Daylin is now the “victim” of the Demoratic Feminist Inquisition . Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy are no longer Democratic icons.

    I am surprised though. Daylin has daughters and he might have considered the object of his comments were someone’s daughters.

    A Left-wing Jimmy Swaggart; who would thing a Social Justice Warrior, a self-styled champion of women’s empowerment could be a hypocrite and a phony? Pretentious double-talking, two-faced dishonest phony, Daylin Leach, is he not?

    Associated Press

    State Rep. Daylin Leach permanently shut down his Web site after his humor columns were criticized by some readers as insensitive and racy.

    In a brief letter posted Friday on his Web site, the Montgomery County Democrat apologized to anyone he may have offended and said the site was being pulled.
    “This has been a learning experience for me – I have a much better understanding that, while I believe comedy is for all people, not all comedy is for every person,” the posting stated.
    In the posting, Leach offered a “sincere apology” and added that “the last thing I want, as a person and as a representative, is to cause offense.”
    Some of Daylin’s writings on the site – – veered into musings colored by references to pornography or sex. Others included comments about Palestinians and a “third world type” who cleans hotel rooms.
    The writings, often signed Dutch Larooo, attracted the ire of Arab and anti-discrimination groups. The Anti-Defamation League in Philadelphia called some of Leach’s writings offensive and complained that they reinforced negative stereotypes.
    The Web site began from a series of humor columns Daylin e-mailed to friends and acquaintances.

  3. He’s an example of the deconstruction the Left was able to accelerate, when the Boomers first hit colleges. No external morality, but moral relativism. No wisdom, only feelings. Rather than a sober, mature way of looking at things, extended adolescence.

    “A republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.”

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