Dem Fails In Strange Attempt To Stop A Congressional Election

The man expected to be the Democrat nominee to replace Joe Sestak to represent Pennsylvania’s 7th District in Congress tried a bush-league trick to force the Republican nominee from the race which could have been seen as doomed to fail by a first-year law student.

Actually, it could have been seen as doomed to fail by anyone who caught five minutes of a rerun of an old Ally McBeal but that didn’t keep state Rep. Bryan Lentz (D-161) a.k.a. The Man Who Would Be Joe from giving it a whirl.

The Republican — former U.S. Attorney and Delaware County DA Pat Meehan — caught some signatures on his nominating petition that he thought  forged and turned them over to the proper authorities.

Lentz basically said “hey, if those are forged then everything is forged” and filed a challenge to disqualify 2,624 or so of the 3,623 signatures obtained by Meehan knocking  beneath the 1,000 required to be on the ballot.

On Thursday, Commonwealth Court Judge Rochelle S. Friedman ruled as expected that Lentz’s challenge had no merit. Lentz had spent tens of thousands of dollars in his strange attempt to stop an election in the 7th District.

He could have spent that money advertising his positions instead but for some strange reason he chose to fight over trivia and technicalities.

One thought on “Dem Fails In Strange Attempt To Stop A Congressional Election”

  1. in this case the behavior is so sleazy that I would like to see a return to the old “tar and feather” approach to scoundrels like this!

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