Dem Judicial Candidates Refuse Bar Review

The Delaware County (Pa) Republican Party, today, April 27, called the refusal by Democrat judicial candidates Lawrence DeMarco and Lawrence Abel to share their qualifications with the members of the non-partisan Delaware County Bar Association “insulting and disappointing.” Dem Judicial Candidates Refuse Bar Review

The Delaware County Bar Association has long asked its members to evaluate the qualifications of judicial candidates who are seeking to serve on the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.

After reviewing their qualification, the members of the Bar Association are asked to rate candidates as “Well Qualified,” “Qualified,” “Not Recommended,” or “No Opinion.” While the Republican candidates for judge, Anthony Scanlon, Margaret Amoroso, and Dominic Pileggi each submitted their qualifications, Democrats DeMarco and Abel refused to submit their qualifications and take part in the process.

“Voters should be concerned by the lack of experience and qualifications of Democrats Abel and DeMarco if they refuse to even submit their background for review and evaluation by the non-partisan Delaware County Bar Association,” said Andrew Reilly, chairman of the Delaware County Republican Party. “Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Demarco only joined the Bar Association a couple years ago and Abel’s application to join the bar was only submitted a few weeks ago.”

“Delaware County residents deserve and expect better from their judges than the partisan games that DeMarco and Abel are playing,” said Reilly. “It is hypocritical that they refuse to have their qualifications judged by their peers but they want to sit in judgment of others on the bench.”

Each election for Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, the Delaware County Bar Association’s Judicial Selection/Retention Committee asks the bipartisan members of the bar association to rate the qualifications of each judicial candidate. To ensure a non-partisan and fair process, the Judicial Selection Committee is led by two co-chairs, one attorney and bar association member who is a registered Republican and one who is a registered Democrat.

Dem Judicial Candidates Refuse Bar Review

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