GOP State House Members Demand Congress Decertify PA Delegates

GOP State House Members Demand Congress Decertify PA Delegates — The leadership of the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania legislature released a statement on Thursday (Dec. 3) saying that they had no authority to ignore certified election results and appoint Pennsylvania’s delegates to the Electoral College.

It was signed by House Speaker Bryan Cutler (R-100); House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-171); Senate Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-34); and Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R-39).

Their arguments are not unreasonable and we don’t fault them for declining to appoint the delegates. What we fault them for is their lack of outrage, and their unwillingness to immediately address specific concerns that have been revealed these past weeks.

A credible claim has been made that the chain of custody for 100,000 votes has been shattered in Delaware County. It has been credibly claimed accredited vote observers have suffered intimidation and interference in Philadelphia.

Several USB drives were indisputably stolen from a Philadelphia election warehouse in October.

Voter books in Delaware County were taken before the election by people who were not the Judges of Election to whose custody they were assigned.

It’s time to call an emergency session and for the appropriate committees to immediately issue subpoenas. This is a crisis. Shrugging shoulders and saying it’s the court’s or the cop’s problem is disgusting cowardice and/or laziness.

President Trump took strong issue with the lack of action and on Friday Cutler and Benninghoff joined 73 Republican colleagues demanding that Congress address the certification issue.

Good, but it’s far from enough. There is not a doubt in our mind that President Trump won Pennsylvania and the election. You want to put some doubt there find those 47 missing USB drives from Delaware County. Make an arrest for the USB drives stolen in Philly.

Can you even show that voter intimidation protection laws apply to Philadelphia?

GOP State House Members Demand Congress Decertify PA Delegates
GOP State House Members Demand Congress Decertify PA Delegates

2 thoughts on “GOP State House Members Demand Congress Decertify PA Delegates”

  1. PA legislature is either lazy or corrupt. Quite likely a combination. Pass the buck, abdicate responsibility should be their motto. I have no confidence in them to do anything even remotely resembling representation at this point.

  2. I agree with Joseph B Dychala completely.
    There are supposed to be checks and balances among the three branches of government, whether state or federal.
    The PA legislature has allowed the judicial branch to take over completely. The judges back the executive brance (Wolf) and do not even accept any appeals or evidence from the senators or reps.

    If the legislature wants to take back their power, they can. What are they waiting for?

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