Republicans Silent About Fraud Like Good Little Pennsylvania Lambs

Republicans Silent About Fraud Like Good Little Pennsylvania Lambs UPDATE: We have heard back from a local party official, who convinced us the issue is not being ignored. UPDATE II (Nov. 17, 2021): We were right the first time.

The silence puzzles. We have seen no press releases or even tweets or Facebook posts from Delaware County Republican officials or candidates about the rampant Nov. 3 vote fraud allegations since Halloween.

Democrats will say “HA, that proves Trump is making it all up.”

They have a point, my Republican official friends, many who read this site.

Where are you?

You don’t have to sign on to wild and exotic claims regarding Frankfurt shoot outs and Chinese ownership of voting machines.

Delaware County, Pa. is one of the hot beds of the national controversy. You can address the real, specific and concrete claims being made concerning run-of-the-mill violations of election law.

Gregory Stenstrom — you all know him right? — say the chain of custody has been shattered for more than 100,000 votes in Delco. He says 47 USB drives have disappeared.

Is he telling the truth? If yes, he can probably use some back up. If no, you can gently point that out and, well, show us where the thumb drives are.

More significantly, if yes — and we are confident that is the answer — you can start demanding new elections for Dasha Pruett, Robert Smythe, Thomas H. Killion and the other losing candidates for that matter.

Nothing to stop Dasha et al from doing it themselves, if you think about it. Tweets are free.

Why hasn’t the Delco GOP leaderships demanded an investigation into the missing voter books? Granted county District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer — the choice of George Soros — will most certainly not investigate nor will partisan hack state Attorney General Josh Shapiro but silence is consent and the Delco GOP certainly seems to be consenting with its silence.

And you don’t have to stick to Delco. You can ask how Bill Barr’s investigations (that’s a joke, son) into the intimidation of election officials in Philadelphia are going. You can ask if they’ve ever made an arrest into the theft of those Philly election USB drives.

Your silence is why so many of us love Donald Trump and have lost all respect for you.

As the Philadelphia Republicans — and maybe a certain Montgomery County Republican — have learned being in second place is a pretty soft job that can keep you fat and happy.

Republicans Silent About Fraud Like Good Little Pennsylvania Lambs
Republicans Silent About Fraud Like Good Little Pennsylvania Lambs

2 thoughts on “Republicans Silent About Fraud Like Good Little Pennsylvania Lambs”

  1. It is not just “a certain Montgomery County Republican.” There are many Montco Republicans who are complacent with their positions. Most of the Montgomery County Republican Committee members are not only complacent, but also complicit. Liz Havey, chair of MCRC, talks a good game, but she is tight with the high-ranking Dems in the County. The rest follow. The ones I can name are Jeffrey Wright (one of Shapiro’s special agents), his wife – Marianne Wright, Towamencin Twp Supervisors – Chuck Wilson and Laura Smith, Judge Coonahan, Judge Kelly Wall, and many other judges. I don’t know if Pres. Judge DelRicci is in the MCRC, but he is a Republican who is as dirty or dirtier than the Dems.

    This is a very short list. The corruption in Montco is well documented but no one wants to take a look and do anything about it.

    Sen. Doug Mastriano, yeah, you know him, has info that could do a lot of damage to Gov Wolf, including impeachment and possible prison time, but he does nothing. And of course, all the judges combined will not lift a finger to further the cause. They are just hanging in there, not doing anything about the fraud. Are they afraid of Shapiro? Or is it that they ‘re getting their share of the ill-gotten gains and don’t want to give it up?

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