Josh Shapiro Election Meltdown

Josh Shapiro Election Meltdown — Josh Shapiro, who as Pennsylvania’s attorney general should represent all but limits himself to the Democratic Party and Stradley Ronon, is having a complete partisan meltdown. He is accusing, without foundation or reason, Republicans of attempting to suppress the vote.

Sure makes you feel confident that Democrats will be held to account. You know what happened in Delaware County, Friday, right? How could voter books be taken by someone other than an elected judge of elections?

Tomorrow is Election Day. Shapiro is up for re-election. His opponent is Heather Heidelbaugh. Please vote straight R.

Josh Shapiro Election Meltdown  Heather Heidelbaugh
Heather Heidelbaugh
Josh Shapiro Election Meltdown

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  1. This was a Facebook response to this post from Joe Eastman. We are adding it.

    If you live in Philadelphia you are probably aware of two Democrat Party officials recently indicted for voter fraud. One is an already convicted felon. This fraud took place a couple of blocks from me. The City Commissioners, responsible for the integrity of elections, had no idea this fraud was happening.
    The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, which includes, Philadelphia, has announced plans to help preserve the integrity of the 2020 Election. Normally, if you saw problems at a polling place you would call the District Attorney’s Office. But, many like me, no longer trust Larry Krasner.
    The U. S. Attorney has assigned Deputy U.S. Attorney Richard Barrett and his staff to handle complaints of election fraud and other voting concerns on Election Day. If you have any problems, you witness intimidation or anything that doesn’t seem right when you vote, you can call Deputy Attorney Barrett at 215-861-8420 or 215-861-8200.
    The FBI will also have agents available to deal with voter fraud and other Election Day abuses. Agents can be reached at 215-418-4000.
    If you witness violence at a polling place call 911.
    Be safe everyone.

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