Dems Flip 37th Senate Seat In Pa.

Dems Flip 37th Senate Seat — Well, the Democrats flipped Pennsylvania’s 37th Senatorial District, today, April 2, with liberal Pam Iovino beating tech entrepreneur D Raja by about 4,000 votes in a special election.

The suburban Pittsburgh seat went vacant when Guy Lorin Reschenthale left it for a successful bid for the 14th congressional district seat.

The loss leaves the GOP with a 26-22 margin in the state senate..

Below is a message for help sent by Pennsylvania Republican Chairman Val DiGiorgio Saturday:

Dear supporters, friends, and those interested in the Republican Party of Pennsylvania: We are down to the last hours in one of the most critical elections for the State Senate in recent memory and I could not be more proud of the work our candidate, Raja, is doing to keep the 37th District red. I was happy to join Raja this week as he was going door-to-door in Sewickley Hills, where I saw first-hand the well-spring of support he is seeing within the district. Now you have the ability to help Raja, too. On election day, April 2nd, we are sending an army of volunteers to help the Raja team get out the vote. Will be sending buses from Harrisburg and Erie to go into the district and work to make sure we get Raja over the finish line. If you want to head out to the Pittsburgh area to help Raja, please fill out the form HERE and a member of our team will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

You really aren’t trying to win are you Val?

Dems Flip 37th Senate Seat
How can a lobbyist working for Stradley Ronon put the interests of Pennsylvania Republicans first?

5 thoughts on “Dems Flip 37th Senate Seat In Pa.”

  1. What is the process for forcing some sort of recall, vote of no confidence or other mechanism for removing this establishment tool from further eroding Liberty and cementing the uniparty in our Commonwealth?

    It’s a matter of time before the ghouls come for the babies and the socialists come for our money, prosperity, quite possibly our very existence. The GoP in Pennsylvania, under the current so called leadership, is an absolute disgrace.

    What’s the number of offices Val lost in Chesco and now statewide, record breaking numbers.

    Ole Honest Abe nailed it, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

  2. Absolutely we need a vote of ‘no confidence’ on this guy, after all he won by so little for PA GOPe Chair. VD purposely sets these poor candidates up to fail and then takes zero accountability or responsibility.

    The Rick Saccone race pops into my head where we should’ve had that one won easily with the amount of grassroots support. And there’s always a scapegoat while we continue to have sweeping historic losses.

    Candidates like Rebecca Warren for Superior Court are fortunate NOT to have his support. He lied to her and the manipulation he pulls behind closed doors (or phone lines) makes sure we’re divided and at a constant disadvantage. He represents the elitist status quo democrats in disguise.

    Wake up ppl, or NeverTrumper Val will continue to lose for us in 2020. He is a dark cloud on PA.

  3. If you need some upbeat news to counter this downer, the Republicans have appeared to have unexpectedly won a Wisconsin Supreme Court race last night, albeit a recount looms.

    The notoriously activist 9th Circuit of Appeals is almost half sane:

    And the GOP flipped Connecticut state senate seats in Feburary:

    Of course, Val had nothing to do with any of this so that might explain the successes.

  4. Happy for Wisconsin and Connecticut, however, I live in PA. We need strong candidates that people can believe in, willing to prove their conservative roots. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have some sort of out-clause for the candidate to sign, agreeing to step aside if they fail to or will not vote to protect our rights, set forth in the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights! THAT is what we are sending them to do! I know, that’s not the law, however, democrats seem to have no problems changing our laws, And our districts, when they don’t win! With the exception of a few, Republicans don’t seem to speak up to democrats any more! When are we going to see Republicans make a real effort to now investigate the many crimes perpetrated by the Obama/Clinton administration? Holding a representatives feet to the fire, just a little would certainly be a law that I would consider a change to!
    Most of us will do our research, on the candidates, but there are many who will not. Many are concerned that they may be inadvertently voting for an “ Ilan Omar” by mistake , or Heaven forbid, another “Barack Hussein Obama”! We’ve been there!
    And by the way, whenever party leaders circle their wagons to endorse one candidate, over another equally qualified candidate, (come primary season) they are actually trying to manipulate the vote, by telling us who they want us to vote for, rather then allowing all candidates a fair shot at the office in question! That’s not freedom! That’s pressure, manipulation! It undercuts other good and qualified candidates, who may not be best buddies with those, who do give their endorsement, and I resent anyone trying to “tamper” with my vote! You should too! Perhaps the party would do better, to let its people decide on the candidates, instead of telling us who they should be!

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