Destructive Wolf Off Rocker Says Senator

Destructive Wolf Off Rocker Says Senator

Destructive Wolf Off Rocker Says SenatorBy Sen. Scott Wagner

Yesterday (March 17) I updated you on votes in the Pennsylvania State House and Senate on HB 1801, which would end the 2015-16 Budget impasse.

I also reported that Governor Wolf had stated that he would veto the budget bill.

Late yesterday it was reported that Governor Wolf was making statements that he was willing to close schools.

Click on this link and please read the story – I recommend viewing the video by Courtney Brennan.

Governor Wolf has gone off his rocker. Governor Wolf will go down as the most destructive governor in Pennsylvania history if he allows schools to close.

I see first-hand every single day how Governor Wolf has absolutely zero interest in cutting costs, cutting waste, and putting Pennsylvania on a diet.

As a matter of fact, Governor Wolf is committed to growing Pennsylvania government to reward his public sector union friends.

The best example of Governor Wolf growing government would be the 400 new employees hired at the Department of Corrections in 2015, which I feel confident saying are now dues-paying union members.

Click on this link to see which Democrat’s voted no on HB 1801 in the state House and Senate.

(Under “Floor Roll Call”, click on the word “Vote” to pull up the House votes and the Senate votes.)

To end your week, here is a great example of the irrational thinking of Senate Minority Leader Vincent Hughes from Philadelphia on the budget.

Stay tuned – I will have more to report next week.

Destructive Wolf Off Rocker Says Senator

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  1. I strongly feel that Pennsylvanians should gobbl up a bowl of Wolf soup. How in the world do we ever elect such people

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