Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism

Atheist Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism —  Devin Patrick Kelley, a creepy, God-hating atheist, killed 27 people during services in a small conservative church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, yesterday, and wounded at least 30 others.

Ir occurred the day after Antifa spinoffs declared they were starting a crusade to overthrow the government.

Just a coincidence we are sure.

Yes, atheism is integral to the Antifa movement.

In a related note, we have learned that Sen. Rand Paul — a Republican who is skeptical of government — has injuries far more serious than originally though.

Paul was attacked, Friday, by his neighbor Rene Boucher. Boucher is a Democrat anti-Trumper who supports “progressive” causes. Democrat violence is something to be concerned about and has occurred close to home.



Atheist Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism

Atheist Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism


3 thoughts on “Devin Patrick Kelley Antifa Coincidence And Atheism”

  1. This is quite a leap. It COULD be true, but if Lefties made these types of assumptions (which they definitely DO), we’d be criticizing them vehemently.

    1. Antifa-related groups said they would BEGIN a process of turmoil and violence on Saturday. On Sunday, 50-plus conservative Christians were shot at a church service at least 27 fatally.

      It is absolutely not a leap to note the correlation and one should never apologize for stating the obvious.

      You can point out that correlation does not equal causation, but to deny that words inspire action in unstable people is unwise and untrue.

      And the Antifa and anti-Trumpers choice of words is something about which to be concerned and to condemn.

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