Education Spending Hits New High

Nathan Benefield of Commonwealth Foundation points out that education spending has hit a new high with the $29.1 billion budget the Pennsylvania Senate sent to Gov. Corbett yesterday, July 8.

Benefield notes that budgeted for education in 2014-15 is $10.04 billion or $290 million more than the prior year and an increase of nearly $1 billion since Corbett took office.


Education Spending Hits New High

Education Spending Hits New High

One thought on “Education Spending Hits New High”

  1. Would you belive me if I told you that the United States ranks way behind South Korea,,Russiaj and Finland in educating their children. .We spend a lot more tax money.Trust me ! Bet on it. Let’s go for school vouchers. The only wway to get school vouchers is with term limits to remove politician corruted by union money.

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