Elizabeth Preate Havey Must Resign

Dear Editor

Elizabeth Preate Havey must resign as chair of the Montgomery County Republican Committee.

With the result of the Nov. 5 Pennsylvania general election, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, has remained with its Democratic Row Officers winning this election, consistent with the former Chair. 

Monies were funneled to Montgomery County Republican insiders in a joint effort to defeat the current / newly elected Republican County Commissioner, from Philadelphia Democrat politicians. The recipient being the Horsham Republican Party. The Chair supports / accepts the former Planned Parenthood board member’s donation as well. We do not want to fall under the guideline(s) and become another Philadelphia county.

As true grassroots, the registered voters of Montgomery County support the pre-born. Said Chair is not acting in true fashion with our values.

The Chair held no regard to the fraudulent activity / activities that occurred in our May primary election. Voters were being purposely deceived into believing there was an “endorsement” when there actually was not. We find this theft by perception.

A grassroots candidate is flourished from seed. Said candidate is deemed a Free Thinker, not to be controlled by the Chair / Committee. To uphold true morality, integrity, and honesty, as our Founding Fathers were so very instrumental in doing. The majority of voters feel the Chair did not and does not stand up to these Conservative grassroot attributes and is no friend to them.

With this being said, I am requesting the Chair to step down immediately after the new year. A special election will appoint the new one.

Jane Taylor Toal
President (Ret.)
Citizens for Liberty

Elizabeth Preate Havey must resign as chair of the Montgomery County Republican Committee.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Preate Havey Must Resign”

  1. 2-time Landslide Loser Liz is a highly unethical top-down evil elitist. Ask any candidate who was put up to run, the things she did, and mostly didn’t do for them. Very incompetent and solely self-serving.

    Spoiler alert:
    The MCRC Swamp pushed Fred the Fraud for Commissioner from the beginning.

    The County Chairwoman actively discouraged committeeppl and others from voting for Joe Gale; blatantly violating the County by-laws.

    I love how the smart people of this county blind-sighted them and sent those evil, liberty-hating ppl behind ruinous MCRC a clear message. #GaleForce #Trump2020 #DrainSEPASwamp

  2. I would like to see candidates who support our values. Why is it that there are pedophiles in our midst? Hunt them down and take them off the streets, even if you have to go to Harrisburg Capitol Building to find them.

  3. I am one of the Row Officer candidates that was on the Montgomery County ballot on November 5, 2019. I was running for Coroner and I was honored to be the Republican candidate. When I first met Liz in February 2019 to discuss my qualifications and goals for the election, I left MCRC feeling rather impressed by her. However, that first meeting turned out to be the extent of my good impression of Liz. I do not have anything bad to say about her because I don’t know her, however, I do not feel as though she supported the Row Officer candidates at all. I felt, in the end, it was just about having someone on the ballot to run against the Democrats–almost anyone would do. When I would see Liz at campaign events I would often get a curt hello and that would be the extent of any conversation. I worked extremely hard during my campaign and I am so very proud of myself for what I achieved for a no-name, first time candidate with little help from MCRC and no help from Liz. I will say that any time I asked for anything from Jim Saring and Julia Vahey they helped me without issue and I am grateful for their help. All of us Row Officer candidates worked extremely hard to win and we fell terribly short of winning. Liz told one candidate that she didn’t know why we were working so hard because we had a less than a 10% chance of winning. I lost by over 34,000 votes. The race four years ago was lost by the Republican candidate by 8,000 votes. We can’t blame the hatred of Donald Trump by some Democrats on this loss. We also can’t solely place the blame on being outnumbered in voter registration by 70,000 registered voters. Winning leadership starts at the top where Liz sits. There is no energy in the Republican party here in Montgomery County. There is no effort to keep voters engaged. There is little effort to recruit new Republicans or keep the existing ones. There are 5-6 members of the MC Young Republicans. Young people that I talk to out here in western Montgomery County where Republicans are still hanging on, tell me they didn’t even know that there was such a group. Everyone that knows me knows that I didn’t get into this campaign for the politics of it but rather to do good for the county as the Coroner. I plan to stay involved and maybe run again in four years, however when something is not working change is needed–and that change is usually at the top.

    1. I applaud you in running an excellent campaign!

      The Chairwoman did NOT care about the candidates for Row Office. She DID care about her hand-picked choice for the seat of County Commissioner. And we all know how THAT turned out.

      Liz is a self-centered individual. She is against a “free thinking individualist.” Said candidate / person interferes with her control mechanism.

      Most coaches in ball teams are either fired or resign if they do not win their particular championship. Is she different? No!

      The former Chairman resigned, and I am demanding she follow in his footsteps. The voters, for the most part, are livid over the monies, much “donated” from Democrats, as well as the establishment machine, being spent on her choice gentleman.

      Are you going to take it? I’m not! I am urging the residents of Montgomery County to join concerned voters in the upstairs conference room, Thursday, November 14th, between 6:30 and 8 p.m., at The Phil’s Tavern, 931 Butler Pike, Blue Bell, for a roundtable discussion / brainstorming session to “Make Montgomery County Great Again”!

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