Equality Amendment Is Racist; Fire Co Loans Is Scam

Equality Amendment Is Racist; Fire Co Loans Is Scam

By Donna Ellingsen

Apart from the two amendments dealing with limiting the Governor’s power to enact endless extensions of emergency lockdowns, there are 2 other ballot initiatives on the May 18th ballot in Pennsylvania.


The so-called, misleadingly named “Equality” amendment on the ballot in May 2021 is a trap, I believe. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! When the #Leftists use these sweet-sounding words, it really means the opposite! It will create a special class for other RACES AND ETHNICITIES so they will be able to give OTHERS (read: IlLLEGALS and NON-WHITES) more equality than you (read: WHITES, CHRISTIANS, CONSERVATIVES, etc.!). Don’t let them fool us again!
This bill is not about enshrining “Equality” in the PA Constitution. It’s about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!
Think about it: It will create a special class for other races and ethnicities, so then will it become illegal to treat illegals differently from citizens? After all, we are all created EQUAL, and even the PA Constitution will say so.

Equality Amendment Is Racist; Fire Co Loans Is Scam

There’s an “Equality HR Bill 5 in Congress right now, trying to do the same and enshrine it in the US Constitution. And look at how they are using the same sweet-sounding “equality” nonsense! We already have equal rights for all defined in the Declaration of Independence as well as the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Equal protection under the law. Therefore, there is NO need to create protected classes – e.g. a crime is always a crime; no need to specify a “Hate crime” which now creates special protections if you are labelling it a “hate crime.” This is what this deceptive “EQUALITY” is meant to do. They touted equality when they said it was only to stop backyard abortions and do “rare, legal abortions,” so now we have genocide being committed on a mass scale and partial-birth abortions up to the day of birthing.

It was “only hate crimes” and now we have muzzled ourselves to where it’s illegal to point out that most murders of blacks are committed by other blacks. And when they said, “We just want to love each other and be able to get married, to get recognized legally,” now we have transgenderism, sex being taught to 8-year-olds, little girls sharing bathrooms with grown men, males competing in women’s sports, and drag queen story hours with toddlers in public libraries

How many times are we going to fall for this? As far as I can tell, the GOP Leadership is pushing for this as a “feel-good measure” to give to Wolf and the Democrats in exchange for voting for limiting the Governor’s emergency powers. But the Dems who really WANT this amendment, are letting the Republicans push it! We all see how that worked for us with Act 77 and Mail-in ballots!


And vote NO as well on giving yet another office the ability to tax and spend your dollars at will.

Please feel free to copy this post and post it everywhere on social media in every venue. And spread the word to every group you are in. This is really important! Two YES’s and two NO’s.

Democrats play the long game; conservatives can only see the next 2 steps in front of them.

Isn’t this interesting? Change the meaning of words and definition to suit the occasion. Who’ll notice or realize it’s been changed? If you really want to know the true meaning of a word, look it up in a dictionary printed before 1950’s or earlier, but even a more recent one (1990’s) might suffice.

Equality Amendment Is Racist; Fire Co Loans Is Scam

3 thoughts on “Equality Amendment Is Racist; Fire Co Loans Is Scam”

  1. Public loans actually increase the tax burden and I will be voting no on Question 4. Volunteer fire companies save communities a lot of money — not to mention other benefits — and we support helping them.

    Municipal departments, however, should be funded through the municipal budgetary process. It is neither moral nor wise to use public loans to pay for them as they are not infrastructure whose construction may benefit distant generations.

    If there is a problem funding them, start volunteer companies. Again, the benefits of community volunteer companies transcend finanes.

    I’m on the fence about Question 3. I’m actually leaning towards voting yes.

    The question reads: Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended by adding a new section providing that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged because of an individual’s race or ethnicity?

    A lot of the saner states — Florida, Texas, Alaska, Wyoming — have similar wording in their constitutions.

    If the words are accepted as they are defined — granted that’s a big if — all official discrimination against those of us with light skin would end. That would be a good thing.

    We have to recognize that there is no such thing as “black people” or “white people” or “brown people” or whatever. There is only people. The words of this proposed amendment recognize this. Mistrust of the courts is the only thing keeping me from giving it an unconditional endorsement.

    I still think I will be voting yes.

  2. I will vote yes to the first two. No to the 4th one. But Donna makes very valid points for voting no on the 3rd question. I will have to think more about that one. We have been tricked so many times before and I do know people who were discriminated against solely because they are white. Number 3 could be taken a few different ways.

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