FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL
Corrupt idiots work here.

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL — The FBI pranked the Pennsylvania Senate into unanimously passing a bill pushed by a fake business to limit who could dispose of used textbooks.

The vote on Oct. 14, 2010 was 49-0 to pass SB 1379. The bill never got out of the House and never became law.

It was part of a sting to catch corrupt Pennsylvania pols. It worked and is working. Good one, feds. Applause and a big LOL.

The FBI created the phony firm Textbook Bio-Solutions LLC in Florida as the bait and hired lobbyist Long and Nyquist — good choice, there — to do the fishing.

Long and Nyquist, who didn’t know they were being used, worked their magic and if the FBI wasn’t just goofing, the people of Pennsylvania would have had to deal with another stupid, corrupt, wasteful, special-interest law.

Details can be found in Jason Addy’s story at PoliticsPa.Com.

Since 2010, there have been significant, for-the-better changes in the Pennsylvania legislature including the arrival of Scott Wagner from the 28th Senatorial District. Wagner has been going after Long and Nyquist in the most beautiful fang-and-claw way.

Hat tip Bob Guzzardi.

Update: State Sen. Larry Farnese (D-1) has now been caught in the net.

FBI Pranks Pa Senate In Sting LOL


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  1. Long & Nyquist are a cancer on the Commonwealth. Bipartisan lobbyists pretending to be Republican.

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