Feckless Obama Lunches During Crisis

A Malaysian passenger jet crashed about 7 this morning, July 17, in a section of the Ukraine embroiled in conflict.

It was an American-made Boeing 777 and all 295 on board are dead. There is a very good chance it was shot down and maybe by the Russians.

So where is President Obama?

He is lunching at the Charcoal Pit outside Wilmington, Del. on Route 202 and is even having his people tweet about it.

We’ve eaten at the Charcoal Pit. It wasn’t anything special.

Impeach Obama now.

Feckless Obama Lunches During Crisis

Feckless Obama Lunches During Crisis

5 thoughts on “Feckless Obama Lunches During Crisis”

  1. my wife works in delaware near wilmington and she said it was gridlock all day because of this idiot and the vice-idiot and their security people shutting down the highways so that dickhead one and dickhead two could have their photo op with a leaning piece of concrete on a poorly constructed highway.

    almost all of wilmington wants him to get the hell out of wilmington and don’t come back!

    1. You are so right John! Mr. Obama should be exiled to Detroit for the rest of his life. Oh, that would be too cruel. Perhaps he could spend summers in his beloved Chicago!

    2. I used to be against impeachment due to who would replace 0.

      My mind is changed.

      We have had our first black president now it is time for our first differently abled president.

  2. Apparently, “The One” made a comment about the event “It looks like we have a tragedy!” Gee, thanks for the insight, bystander to history!

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