Fox Covered Up HCQ Says Ivory Hecker

Fox Covered Up HCQ Says Ivory Hecker — Ivory Hecker, who until yesterday (June 15) was a reporter with Fox 26 Houston, is telling all that her former employer was actively keeping relevant information from viewers at the behest of their corporate masters.

Fox Covered Up HCQ Says Ivory Hecker

This includes information related to the Covid pandemic and the use of hydroxychloroquine as a successful treatment.

She dramatically announced, June 14, she was going public with the information via Project Veritas live on camera while reporting about a heat wave. Howard Beale would be proud.

Here is the interview she gave to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

In other news about how corrupt our establishment has become, Revolver.comand Tucker Carlson — is reporting that federal law enforcement might have been involved in orchestrating the entrance into the Capitol during the Jan. 6 protests.

Don’t forget that the protest was used as an excuse to impeach President Trump for a second time and discredit very legitimate concerns about the Nov. 3 election.

By the way, many Americans are being held in harsh conditions without bail for what was basically trespassing.

Fox Covered Up HCQ Says Ivory Hecker

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  1. I have never heard of Ivory Hecker before this, but I am impressed and thrilled that she has publicly denounced the practices of one of hundreds of news outlets that have done the same. Too bad more reporters don’t come out with the truth.

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