GM Installing Google Starting 2021

GM Installing Google Starting 2021 — Motorists will soon be able to count on a Silicon Valley big brother to watch them as they drive. Google is putting its apps into the touch-screen displays of General Motors cars starting in 2021.

Drivers will be able to access Google Maps; the voice-activated assistant; Google Play app store, and a multimedia multimedia app directly from the dashboard.

Hey, did you see where Google got the big brother types, 800,000 more votes in 2018?

Looks like GM is one more thing to avoid. Have you switched to DuckDuckGo yet?

GM Taps Google For Car Apps
GM Installing Google Starting 2021

One thought on “GM Installing Google Starting 2021”

  1. It’s all unnecessary, too, though most people have let themselves be convinced that they need that crap. But you’ll all pay for it, happily, without asking a single question-do I *need* this feature? How does it make my life better? No one asks, they all just accept it. They they gretz when this or that new feature gets hacked, or the providers sell their info. Lemmings, all lemmings.

    Oh, and read Franklin Foer’s “World Without Mind”.

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