GOP Bosses Stifle Conservatives

GOP Bosses Stifle Conservatives

By Susan Jane Goldner

The Democrat Party gives the allure (ok, facade) of opportunity and potential with a more welcoming spirit. After five years of being a slave (work with no pay) in the GOP, forced to serve the interests of the political elitist “old guard” swamp establishment here in Pennsylvania, they have tried to stifle and snuff out my strong conservative voice and knock out young people—true public servants—like myself who dare question and challenge the status-quo.

This is deeply troubling and we should all work to fix it.

We saw it happen four years ago with the youngest Commissioner in the County ever to be elected. They have not learned and they will not change patterns of corrupted unethical tactics. It is too imbedded and with high turnover, our local county gop has been able to cover up their years of terrible corruption, bribery, gossipy slander against others. We saw how party loyalists fought President Trump tooth ‘n nail while he was campaigning (then did a 180 and tried to take credit here for his grassroots victory in PA). The reason he’s successful is bc he does not play by the house rules as a leader and political outsider. It should be about an educated citizenry, a concerned electorate, and a free-thinking, liberty-minded society.

It should be about an educated citizenry, a concerned electorate, and a free-thinking, liberty-minded society.

Yes I believe anarchy is coming (Biblical prediction: Book of Chronicles) and has considerably already arrived. Both systems need to be broken up and we need to return to our Nation’s founding principles.

GOP Bosses Stifle Conservatives

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  1. With a SEPA caucus crew like we have: cringeworthy, talentless, no-insight hacks, it’s no wonder we’ve been losing MontCo since 2007. Some of these never-Trumpers cross over into other positions, however, evidently my activism was a conflict of interest. We should all be striving to make our Representatives’ votes transparent and hold them accountable for the self, I mean special, interests they support over our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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