GOP Choice Fails Scrutiny Test

GOP Choice Fails Scrutiny TestBy Joseph B Dychala

Delaware County is about to make history…

Never before has the Grand Old Party had a union leader, and not just any union leader, but the president of a chapter AFL/CIO endorsed to run as a candidate in any election as a Republican.

Are the local party bosses telling us the most Republican candidate we have is someone involved in an organization that has been clearly antithetical to the Republican party for almost a century? Or perhaps they think this is their best chance to run a candidate who would certainly not pass the scrutiny of a primary election cycle? The candidate endorsed by the Republican party is AFL/CIO president Paul Mullen.

The logic presented by party leadership is that they need to be more inclusive. Where have we heard that argument before? We clearly see how dysfunctional our federal leadership is for these very same reasons. Time and time again on the national level conservatives are told they cannot be elected because they need to change their stance on illegal immigration, raising taxes, a whole host of social issues plus (insert cause du jour) many other reasons. This is simply false.

Voters want clear choices in a campaign. Yet at the same time voters seek middle ground and compromise when it come to governing. Compromise should never mean conservatives must abandon everything we hold true to appease the opposing viewpoint while receiving little or nothing in return. That is not compromise that is capitulation.

All of Delaware County is watching very closely the 161st Legislative District over the next few weeks, so too will most of Pennsylvania. This seemingly minor election in the Philadelphia suburbs also has the potential to affect politics on a national level. There is a true conservative choice with ‘write in’ candidate Republican Lisa Esler.

Delaware County will most certainly make history in a few short weeks but the question is how…

Will the voters of the 161st vote in favor of the GoP endorsed candidate to further blur the lines between the two major parties and contribute to a single party government under two separate names OR will we heed the clarion call to reject such a notion and stand firm in our opposition to bigger government and concentrated power that always leads to less liberty.

That choice is yours, my friends, and that choice is very clear…

Mr. Dychala lives in Aston

GOP Choice Fails Scrutiny Test

3 thoughts on “GOP Choice Fails Scrutiny Test”

  1. Thank you Mr. Dychala for your astute observations. Delaware County does indeed have a clear choice in this election. Vote for the true Republican or the “Closet Democrat” using the Republican Party as a shield to infiltrate policy and legislation decisions that will further hurt the taxpayers of PA. Write-In candidate Lisa Esler is that “True” Republican with conservative values that emphasize tax relief and return of more control to the local levels. The future of Delaware County and all of Pennsylvania taxpayers hangs in the balance with this election. I urge the voters of the 161st District to please cast your vote judiciously and make it count for your, and our, future.

  2. The Delco GOP’s endorsement of a candidate who has supported liberal Democrats for years is a disgrace. When Paul Mullen loses, they have only themselves to blame–Republicans want to be represented by a Republican who is going to do what’s best for the constituents and not the Republican Party. This endorsement shows how far they will go to hold on to power in Delaware County. Mullen no doubt will be expected to get the unions to vote for Republicans for County Council. Never mind that next year Pat Toomey is running for re-election and Mullen and his union buddies supported Joe Sestak last time around. And it would be nice to see a Republican in the white house but Mullen’s union supported Barack Obama. Are they really going to go out and vote for Republicans on the national ticket? I doubt it. Is Mullen going to work for Republican candidates at higher than the County level? His past record indicates he is not. So while the Delco GOP can rant and rave and whine all it wants–they have caused this predicament in the 161st–the choice is one of two Democrats–Leanne Krueger-Bradesky and Paul Mullen– or one true Republican–Lisa Esler. Let’s see what the voters have to say on August 4th.

  3. I’m a campaign volunteer for Lisa Esler. She is a real Republican. Why on earth the Pennsylvania Republican Party is trying to get an AFL CIO liberal elected is a mystery, and it says a lot about Republican Party “leaders”: They are interested in things the voters are not interested in. Lisa will represent the People, not some political party. She has my support.

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