GOP Still Rules Pa In 2012

GOP Still Rules Pa In 2012 — Despite the disaster of Tuesday, the Republicans will still control the State House possibly even picking up a seat.

Republican Thomas Sankey beat Mark McCracken to win the 74th District seat vacated by long-time incumbent Democrat Bud George in Clearfield County; and Sheamus Bonner conceded last night, Nov. 8, to long-time Republican incumbent Nick Micozzie in the 163rd District after a close election; leaving just the 39th District race between GOP incumbent Rick Saccone and David Levdansky and the 146th District race between Republican incumbent Tom Quigley undecided.
Incumbent parties won all other races. The party breakdown last year was 111-92 in favor of the Republicans.
The Democrats picked up three state senate seats being vacated by incumbent Republicans   Sens. Jeff Piccola of Dauphin County, Jane Earll of Erie County and John Pippy of Allegheny County, still leaving that body with a 27-23 Republican majority.  Note Piccola was not what you would call a Tea Party favorite.
Hopefully, these Republicans have the courage to start going after the Democrat tax-funded infrastructure in this state notably in our public schools — why should teachers get paid for union activity?  and the newspapers — why should we subsidize propaganda through legal advertising?
It should also be noted that the Republicans finally exorcised the ghost of John Murtha with Keith Rothfus’ victory over Mark Critz in the 12th Congressional District meaning that 13 of Pennsylvania’s 18 congressmen will be Republicans.
Don Adams of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, which endorsed Rothfus, notes that all of its endorsed incumbent congressional candidates won in Pennsylvania  and New Jersey as did Pennsylvania State Senator Dave Argall who won his first full term in the 29th District.
GOP Still Rules Pa In 2012

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