Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny — Check out Glenn Greenwald’s article How Silicon Valley, in a Show of Monopolistic Force, Destroyed Parler on Substack.

Vile, corporate anti-liberal — in the original, good meaning of the word — have taken over communication. Their “progressive” minions, whose reasoning skill makes a George Romero zombie look smart, shuffle along in ironic approval considering themselves “woke”.

Check out Greenwald’s article. If you can’t see it, a subscription is worthwhile.

Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny
Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny

3 thoughts on “Greenwald Reveals Tech Hypocrisy, Tyranny”

  1. “…If you don’t like what they are doing, the solution is not to complain or to regulate them. Instead, go create your own social media platform that operates the way you think it should.

    The founders of Parler heard that suggestion and tried. ”

    Well, yes, and no. That’s not quite accurate.

    Parler is indeed a platform that its founders can manage or administer the way they chose. But it resides on Amazon’s servers. So they didn’t go quite far enough.

    They need their own server farm and to host themselves, to be truly independent.

    If I am not mistaken, that is what the creators of Gab did. Not only did they create a new social media site, but they host it themselves. So they are invulnerable to the simple expedient of getting kicked off a platform.

    Make no mistake, this is a cold civil war, getting hotter all the time. And we see now that Leftists/Progressives, and the useful idiots who go along with them, are more than happy not just to silence speech they do not like, but now, to ostracize anyone who does not agree, from job and other opportunities.

    Battle lines are being drawn.

  2. I just heard Mark Steyn describe the events taking place here, like this: We now see Red China’s social score system implemented here in our country.

    I thought that was a particularly astute way of putting it.

    If you don’t behave the way the ruling party and its colluding businesses like, you will be shut out.

    Unfortunately, the Left/Progressives have been at work in the educational and entertainment industries, and in legacy and social media, to prepare us for this.

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