Gros Michel Banana William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 12-13-19

The most popular variety of banana for more than a century was the Gros Michel banana. Panama disease nearly wiped it out in the 1950s and made it impractical to grow in Central America hence just about all bananas exported to the United States became the Cavendish variety, which has a significantly different taste.

So what did Gros Michel taste like? Exactly like any artificially flavored banana confection. When synthetic fruit flavors were developed in the 19th century, the banana one was based on the Gros Michel. Flavor makers never saw the need to update it.

Frankly banana candy always seemed tastier to us than the real thing.

Did you know that Wilmington, Del. is the major banana port in North America? Sure you did.

Gros Michel William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 12-13-19
Gros Michel Banana William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 12-13-19

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  1. Hmmm, no accounting for taste…I’ve never liked artificial banana flavors, whether in candy, pudding or anything else. But I’d like to see that other kind of banana make a comeback, anyway. Biodiversity might be good for both kinds!

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