Guzzardi Defends Charter Schools

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Guzzardi has released the following statement about pending legislation that would severely harm charter schools in Pennsylvania.

Bills are pending before the Pennsylvania legislature that will halve funding for special education students in charter schools.

Dr. James Hanak of PA Leadership Charter School says many of the schools that serve the neediest children in the worst neighborhoods will close if they should pass.

This means those children will be forced to return to the dangerous snake pits from which they had escaped.

The bills are HB 2138 introduced by Rep. Bernie O’Neill of Bucks County and SB 1316 introduced by Sen. Pat Browne of Allentown.

Both men are Republicans.

Charter schools cost 20 percent that of public ones and in most cases do a better job.

I ask that these bills be tabled permanently.

If I were governor I would not sign them.

Children must always come before public employees. Always.



Visit for Guzzardi Defends Charter Schools
Visit for Guzzardi Defends Charter Schools


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2 thoughts on “Guzzardi Defends Charter Schools”

  1. A very good start! I would go for school vouchers for all school-aged children,
    Hopefully Governor Guzzardi will also strongarm the union-controlled legislature into also privatizing state liquor stores, Hey Gov.! Go for term limits. Such a move will make our state into beautiful political heaven for all of our citizens.

    1. I really like the idea of school vouchers. Think appreciative the parents of Chester would be, if they were not forced to send their kids into danger every day.

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