Heroic Rush Limbaugh Gets Deserved Honor

Heroic Rush Limbaugh Gets Deserved Honor — Rush Limbaugh, an American treasure, announced on his Feb. 3 radio show that he has advanced stage four lung cancer. The next day he was invited by President Trump to sit in a place of honor at the State of Union address. To his surprise he was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, our highest civilian honor, then and there.

He deserved it. He has been a defender of truth and freedom for three decades and his withstood all manner of lies, calumny and hate.

He has been called a racist. He has been on the air three hours a day five days a week for 30 years and we have listened to him for much of that time. He has never said anything remotely implying that those of one particular skin color were somehow inferior to another or deserve less civil liberty. Those levying the charge actually had to make up quotes to get traction, and the false defenders of justice in our media conspired with them.

He was called a misogynist. Why? Because he was one of the few that had the guts to call out on the carpet a 30-year-old activist who demanded the Catholic Church pay for her birth control. And because he calls bitter, hate-filled bullies who happen to be female demanding unjust privilege regardless of suffering caused to others “nazis”, a perfect allusion few others were willing to dare to make.

All the while real, misogyny was laughed at or ignored by the same crowd condemning Rush.

Rush was even accused by one president of being a cause of terrorism, a lie that would make Joseph Goebbels nod in approval.

But Rush has persevered and thrived. He is fighting his disease. He is expected to return to the air tomorrow and can be heard locally noon to 3 on WPHT 1210 AM.

If you have never heard him, check him out. He really does have “talent on loan from God.” He is a decent guy and not what the progressive establishment claims he is.

Heroic Rush Limbaugh Gets Deserved Honor
Heroic Rush Limbaugh Gets Deserved Honor

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  1. Rush certainly deserved the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It was beautiful to see his face when he heard what President Trump said. It was great to see Rush was presented with the medal right then and there by our First Lady Melania. The whole occasion was first class.

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