Hitler Painting Bought By Rich Mideasterner

A watercolor purportedly by Adolph Hitler was sold at an  auction in Nuremberg, Germany on Nov. 22 for 130,000 euros. This equals $161,000.

The panting is entitled “Standesamt und Altes Rathaus Muenchen” or “Civil Registry Office and Old Town Hall of Munich” and was done in 1914.

The sellers were two unidentified German sisters in their 70s, and included the  original handwritten bill of sale.  Amazing how it was kept for all this years. It’s like the original buyer knew the guy would become famous.

It should be noted that this causes suspicion for some.

The latest buyer was identified as a private person from the Middle East. May he be the subject of a con.

Here is what he bought.

Hitler Painting Bought By Rich Mideasterner

Not bad but no Churchill.

Hitler Painting Bought By Rich Mideasterner

2 thoughts on “Hitler Painting Bought By Rich Mideasterner”

  1. I’m skeptical that this was painted by Hitler. In 1914, he was still in Vienna, living as a bum, until the outbreak of the war in August. At that point, he fled from Austria, *to avoid getting drafted into the Imperial and Royal Army*, to Munich, where he petitioned the Royal Bavarian government to accept him as a volunteer in the Bavarian army (an independent corps of the Imperial German army). I don’t think any of his biographers place him in Munich before that time, at any time in his life. Also, compared to pieces that are verified to have been painted by Hitler–pieces that were used to fill picture frames on sale, for example, or which were inserted into the upper back of a piece of furniture, a popular fashion–this looks better than his work. I think the seller got taken.
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