Home Contracting Costs Shaved With Springfield Man’s MyBidPortal

Home Contracting Costs Shaved With Springfield Man’s MyBidPortal

Home Contracting Costs Shaved
Brian Murphy at a customer’s.

A Springfield  man’s plan is already shaving thousands from plumbing, heating and air conditioning  costs for homeowners throughout Southeast Pennsylvania and it’s just a few months old.

Brian Murphy, a master plumber, began MyBidPortal.com earlier this year. The concept is simple. A homeowner fills an online form about the kind of work desired. A MyBidPortal  representative consults with the homeowner by phone, online or via an at home visit. A system is selected  and the rep then requests bids from local rated installation professionals.

A professional seeking work sees the request on MyBidPortal and submits a bid. Once MyBidPortal gets multiple competing bids the homeowner is contacted. The homeowner compares the pricing with the latest MyBidPortal score and picks a pro.

The bidders are blind to each others offers.

Murphy says these pros are screened either by himself or one of his 11 agents before being allowed to submit bids on MyBidPortal, and their work is reviewed quarterly. The screening and reviews include interviews with their previous customers, ensuring that licenses and insurance are up to date, and observing them at job sites.

Customers are not charged for work requests. MyBidPortal takes a small percent of the fee from the contractor when the bid is accepted.

Murphy says savings for customers are often $4,000-plus for major jobs. Advantages to the contractor include far less idle time and far less expensive leads and sales commissions.

Among the ways Murphy has been promoting his business is with how-to videos YouTube which can be found here.

Murphy has been doing plumbing and HVAC work for more than three decades. With the growing success of MyBidPortal in his line, he says he is working with his wife, Holly, to expand the concept to retail.


Home Contracting Costs Shaved With Springfield Man’s MyBidPortal




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  1. Great idea! I’m surprised no one has thought of this before, or perhaps there are others out there, but they’re so local or so little-used that they haven’t received attention yet.

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