Homily On Matthew 8 By Saint John Chrysostom

Homily On Matthew 8 By Saint John Chrysostom — But nevertheless, though having such great faith, he still accounted himself to be unworthy. Christ, however, signifying that he was worthy to have Him enter his house, did much greater things, marveling at him and proclaiming him and giving more than he had asked.

For he came indeed seeking for his servant’s health of body, but went away, having received a kingdom.

Do you see how the saying had already been fulfilled? “Seek the kingdom of heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you.” For because he evinced great faith, and lowliness of mind, He both gave him heaven, and added unto him health.

And not by this alone did He honor him, but also by signifying upon whose casting out he is brought in. For now from this time forth He proceeds to make known to all, that salvation is by faith, not by works of the law.

And this is why not to Jews only, but to Gentiles also the gift so given shall be prooffered, and to the latter rather than to the former.

For “think not,” he says He, by any means, that so it has come to pass in regard of this man alone; nay so it shall be in regard of the whole world. And this He said, prophesying of the Gentiles, and suggesting to them good hopes. For in fact there were some following Him from Galilee of the Gentiles. And this He said, on the one hand, not letting the Gentiles despair, on the other hand putting down the proud spirits of the Jews.

But that His saying might not affront the hearers, nor afford them any handle; He neither brings forward prominently what He has to say of the Gentiles, but upon occasion taken from the centurion; nor does He use nakedly the term, Gentiles: Not saying many of the Gentiles but many from east and west:’ Matthew 8:11 which was the language of one pointing out the Gentiles, but did not so much affront the hearers because His meaning was under a shadow.

Neither in this way only does He soften the apparent novelty of His doctrine, but also by speaking of “Abraham’s bosom” instead of “the kingdom”.

Saint John Chrysotom

Homily On Matthew 8

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh-Bearers Church of Swarthmore

Homily On Matthew 8 By Saint John Chrysostom

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