Hunter Biden Human Traffickers And Other Reveals

Hunter Biden Human Traffickers And Other Reveals — Here’s a story you’re not likely to see on CNN or read in the Washington Post — unless it’s a lame attempt to excuse it.

Hunter Biden Human Traffickers And Other Reveals
Barry, Joe and Hunter share some laughs

The Senate committees on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (HSGAC) and Finance have finished an investigation. It has established that the Obama Administration was well aware of the conflict of interest Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma Holdings, the corrupt Ukrainian energy firm, and ignored it.

It revealed that Hunter’s position changed US policy of supporting anti-corruption efforts.

It showed that Hunter had Secret Service protection during his foreign dealings.

It showed that Hunter received millions beyond his sweet Burisma paycheck including a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

It showed that Joe Biden’s brother James and James’s wife Sara also got profited from Ukraine.

Maybe most damningly it revealed that Hunter had ties to women involved with human trafficking in Eastern Eruope.

If you are a long-time reader of this site the revelations aren’t a surprise.

We think worst might be coming.

A link to the Senate report.

Hunter Biden Human Traffickers And Other Reveals

3 thoughts on “Hunter Biden Human Traffickers And Other Reveals”

  1. This is why the world needs your President Trump, as some of the real truth is being released even if still being hidden by the liberal mainstream media. We must have the real truth or the whole world will be brought down to these rich mentally deceased liars who have been spewing propaganda at us while getting away with really sick destructive behavior that is illegal but is their normal.
    There is not room here to print the books needed to really tell anyone or explain how bad our unethical lying foreign funded and controlled puppet government is here in Canada and our mainstream media has been paid with billions of our tax dollars (now just more Canadian debt) just to print Liberal propaganda and hate against common sense or truth excuse even more liberal illegal doings, hate our Conservative Party and really hate your Pres. Trump. They are so Anti Canadians and Canada, love communism and China, even to printing in their lieberal bought out advertising media ” Communist China’s government flowery media releases promoting China’s buy out of countries particularly our country” yes they are pushing this and we know that our politicians, are on China’s payroll and lying to us. etc. etc. our elections and mainstream media are all fixed now it seems, while law and order is ignored, and violence and crime are rising. Canada needs a President Trump leader, we all need to get rid of the Chinese run UN’s takeover of the world with these sick elite lieberals help.

  2. Is this the same Hunter “the Punter” who pleaded in court that he was unable to pay support for his child because he was broke? Another tale of the powerful and the tawdry.

  3. Human traffickers must be put to death. What is the point of keeping them alive in prison, if they even get there? They do not get life without parole. When they get out they go right back to what they were doing before.

    How much more time, how many more people (mostly children) have to suffer?

    Just kill the bastards. They have no place here.

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