I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

By Bob Small

Preventing voter denial.

So this was the Presidential Election of 2004 and my Pennsylvania Social Service Union (PSSU) arranged for some recent retirees to work the election season with America Coming Together (ACT).

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin'

ACT was a political action 527, whose most famous Funder was George Soros.

Technically non-partisan — we could not be pro John Forbes Kerry — but we could be non-favorable to George Walker Bush i.e. telling the citizenry that it may be time for a change.

Due to these niceties, many of the people we came in contact with believed we were Socialists, once we convinced them we were not Jehovah’s Witnesses as we were going from urban door to urban door and suburban door to suburban door. Our stated task and what we were funded for, was the noble task of voter registration.

Once I decided I no longer wanted to go with my crew on the mean streets of Boothwyn or Philly, I invented a program which would have a crew to go to senior homes and help the residents complete absentee ballots.

We did this for the rest of the election season, until the absentee ballot deadline.

The facilities loved us because our program would begin in the late morning and continue until lunch then begin again, answering all manners of questions and leaving before rush hour.

Sadly, these efforts to provide absentee ballots to the old and disabled doesn’t seem to have been continued in the 17 years since.

While this does not qualify as voter suppression could it be called voter denial?

Most of the staff in these facilities probably have no reason to work to register the persons living there

This was one of the original reason for absentee ballots but, well, that reason seems to have mutated to people wanting to avoid large Covidy crowds.

I can understand that reasoning but, personally, avoid embracing it.

Due to Covid, we try to avoid large crowds, but on Nov. 2, we will walk the block to our Polling Place and cast our in person votes, because, as Americans and as Greens, that is what we do. Then, as husband and wife, we will go home and argue about it. Because that’s also what we do.

Lastly, because, well, I have worked for the Post Office and other government bureaucracies, I vote in person.

Just saying.

I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’

2 thoughts on “I Vote In Person, Just Sayin’”

  1. I agree to voting in person and I am a senior with a walker or wheel chair, and no longer can drive, but in Canada where I am there was definitely voter suppression as polling stations were moved far away from most of us and fewer by far so in this plandemic it made no sense to crowd us all in huge long waiting lines, Masks on and spaced out, which I tried three times, after getting my daughter and my neighbor to now drive me, and gave up as I knew it was another fake election (all our main parties are the same “lieberals”, run by the same hate Canada foreign people (UN). I guess I should have just voted by mail but it was too late then, and of course I was not sure anymore who to vote for.
    The election was all for and run by the sovereign country within our country, so 80% Canada with one English debate, and two French debates for all the political parties “foreign run” now French leaders from a sovereign French Quebec’s 20% to run our leftover divided English Canada. So I would like a Canadian run government for English Canada, and letting the now a foreign sovereign country French Quebec, no longer Canadian, just taking billions and billions from English Canada yearly for their distinctness?, French?, run their own country, not our English Canada. So how fixed was our election and too many fall for this now foreign control. There is no one to vote for in leftover Canada, especially since we are now divided in half with a ruling separated French country in the middle.

  2. I work at the poll in my district. Needless to say, I will be voting in person. Hope most others will also!

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