Inky Circ Gets Uptick But . . .

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s average daily circulation for the six-months ending in March 2011 was 343,710 making it the nation’s 13th largest daily while its Sunday circulation was 488,287 putting it in 12th place in that category.

This is an increase of 1,349 daily and 10,701 Sundays from the period ending in September.

There is a caveat regarding any celebration because the Audit Bureau of Circulations which tracks these things changed its main metric from “paid circulation” to “total average circulation” which allows for inclusion of digital products and “branded editions” which means different nameplates with different content, which in the Inky’s case would be the Philadelphia Daily News.

The Inky actually has been taking advantage of the “branded edition” policy for a year, and, in fact, fell a few places  in this tally because other newspaper companies are starting to do the same thing.

For this tally, the Daily News readers inflates the Inquirer daily circulation by 71,128.

One thought on “Inky Circ Gets Uptick But . . .”

  1. do the math: the “increase” of a few thousand actually constitutes a decrease of tens-of-thousands, right?

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