Stupidity, Death And Eric Holder

A shameful scandal concerning the death of a Border Patrol agent is starting to creep into the public consciousness.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) began a program in 2005 called Project Gunrunner in which American dealers knowingly sold guns to straw buyers for transfer to criminals in Mexico to set them up for arrest.

By early 2009, it had resulted in charges being filed against 1,400 persons.

In October of that year, the ATF decided to stomp on the accelerator with a Project Gunrunner operation they named “Fast and Furious”.

This plan was objected to by agents on the ground and by the gun dealers as well, but arms were twisted to get them in line and it went into effect. Within 15 months almost 1,800 weapons, most of which were AK-47 semi-automatic rifles, went over the border. The Mexican government was never told. These guns were used in the commission of a host of crimes including the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry on Dec. 14, 2010.

Terry’s murder led to ATF agent John Dodson going public with the travesty.

And this has led to congressional hearings.

Attorney General Eric Holder, who oversees the ATF and under whose watch Fast and Furious happened, had this heated exchange Tuesday, May 3, with Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA49) during a hearing before the House’s Judiciary Committee.

Stupidity, Death And Eric Holder

Stupidity, Death And Eric Holder

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  1. Both Obama and Holder must be held accountable for the harm they have done to this country. No doubt American patriots will issue them pink slips in November 2012 but God help us until then! Where is the outrage?

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